Unburdening Gesture Achievement

  • Unburdening Gesture



    Place the seven letters of your rack in a single move.

    This achievement requires that you play all 7 letters on your rack in a single turn. This achievement would be quite hard for someone not using a solver, so you will probably need to use one. Just keep entering all of your letters to see if you can make a full 7-letter word with them. You should also always add in various letters on the board where you could attach yours to and see if any 8+ letter words exists as well. This requires some luck, but mostly just checking all of your options. While going for this, unload the higher value letters ASAP as they rarely can fit into longer words. You also may get this one when you unlock the "Anodyne Supremacy" achievement depending on the technique you choose.

  • didn't work in a local game
  • got it

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