Alphajax! Achievement

  • Alphajax!



    You placed the word ALPHAJAX on a board.

    This achievement requires that you make the word "ALPHAJAX" on the board. Use techniques found in "Anodyne Supremacy" to get all of the tiles you need into your main account's rack. The important thing to note is that the entire word does not need to be built in the same turn. Build your board favorably so you can start piecing together the word. I personally recommend building "AL", then add P-H-A to make "ALPHA," then add J-A-X to make the complete word. The secondary account can lay down any of the letters, except the J-A-X to complete the word. With focused effort on this achievement only, it should take less 20 minutes or so, depending how lucky you are with letters (especially the J or X, which there is only one of each in the game).

  • It seems that this achievement must be done on a real game. In a local game, it doesn't work for me.
  • Looking for someone to help me get this, this is my last achievement willing to help you get all you winning achievements or this one also message GT -Reneato
  • been trying to get this one legit forever and the other player always jacks it up. so I am looking for some help on it.. I will help you get it to if you need it. GT: BurntToast1971
  • looking for to do this one :) i have not seen a single "J" on any of y games... lol
  • Best way to get this achievement is to have two Windows 8 user accounts that you can login on. For example I used my login and my wife login on Windows 8. Click on invite Friends and don't use local play.

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