-Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
-Estimated time for 200: 2-5 hours (depends on if you already played WP version)
-Minimum playthroughs: At least 10 games
-Offline: 0/20 (0)
-Online: 20/20 (200)
-Missable Achievements: 0
-Unobtainable Achievements: 0
-Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty option
-Cheats disable achievements: No cheats
-Glitchy achievements: 0
-Extra equipment needed: Windows 8 Tablet or PC (Additional WP or W8 device recommended)

Alphajax is a Scrabble-clone game that is cross-platform with the Windows Phone version that released in 2012. As usual, each player is given seven random letters and players take turns interlocking words across the board. Special tiles on the board offer point bonuses, so significant strategy factors in. The game offers asynchronous online and local play against a single opponent. However, all of the achievements must be earned online. For a more in-depth review of the game (the WP version) from WPCentral, click HERE. Currently the game is FREE, but ad-supported, in the Windows 8 Store.

Step 0: Set-up another device or user on your computer to play against
Unlike the Windows Phone version, this one does not allow you to earn achievements in local multiplayer. That means you will need find another account to play (boost) against online with. You can either use a Windows Phone 7.5 or 8 device, or another Windows 8 computer. Regardless, the other device must have a different gamertag (or no gamertag if Windows 8) linked to it. However, if you do not have another device, you can also just use a local account on the same computer. To make a local account, go to the charms bar, and click settings, then click at the bottom on "Change PC Settings." Scroll to the Users menu, and click "Switch to a local account." This works fine because the game is free. You could also just find a real world boosting partner, but the achievements require a good amount of coordination, so this would be quite a hassle to work through.

Step 1: Get the "Superintendent" achievement out of the way
In your very first game, get this achievement out of the way to prevent it from becoming a problem later. See the guide for more information.

Step 2: Complete the miscellaneous achievements
Most of the achievements in the game are rather straightforward and can be completed easily in a couple of games. Some are even as easy as inviting a friend or starting a match. Use this SOLVER (or another if you prefer) to make most of the achievements easier.

Step 3: Grind any cumulative achievements you may have left
Even the cumulative achievements are quite easy. If you don't unlock them all during Steps 1 and 2, take this time to quickly polish them off. The longest grind, if you can consider it that, is to play 200 words.

READ THIS IF YOU ALREADY PLAYED THE WINDOWS PHONE VERSION: If you already played the Windows Phone version, many of the achievements will automatically unlock as soon as you fire up the Windows 8 version, specifically those related to your stats displayed in the "Statistics" screen. However, these shared statistics can create a problem for you. The "Superintendent" achievement requires you have an average score for each word of 20+ points, having played at least 10 total words. Unfortunately, if you played the Windows Phone version a lot and have significantly lower than an average of 20, it could take you a long time to bring that average up.

[x360a would like to thank Arsenic 17 for this Roadmap]

AlphaJax Achievement Guide

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There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Play 50 words in all your games.

    See "Ace Adversary."

  • Play 100 words in all your games.

    See "Ace Adversary."

  • Play 200 words in all your games.

    These achievements require that you take a total of 50, 100, and 200 turns. A turn could be playing a word, passing your turn, swapping your tiles, or resigning the game. This achievement is not actually related to how many words you play. You can check your progress towards this achievement in the Statistics screen from the Main Menu. Look at the "Moves Played" stat. Thanks to Creech for clarification on this achievement.

  • See "Wordsmithery Persistency."

  • These achievements require you to win a total of 10 games. This is easy considering that you get a win when the other player resigns. Just quickly invite your main account to ten games with your secondary one. Then, with the secondary profile, click Resign (X in bottom right corner) before even placing a letter. Now, with your main profile, go into your Played Games screen and the achievement will pop. This method will also pop the "Not Bamboozled" achievement for winning 5 games in a row, as long as you didnt lose any games in-between.

  • Play 10 games at the same time.

    This achievement requires that you have 10 games active at ONE TIME. To quickly earn this, invite a different random player to a game, playing only the first word, 10 times in a row. You can check how many games you have active by adding-up the games that appear under "My Turns" AND "Their Turns" in the My Games screen.

  • Create a new skill match game.

    This achievement only requires that you create a new Skill Match, done by clicking the Skill Match button from the Main Menu. The achievement unlocks as soon as the game board loads. The other player does not even have to accept the invite.

  • Create a new random game.

    This achievement only requires that you create a new Random Match, done by clicking the Random Match button from the Main Menu. The achievement unlocks as soon as the game board loads. The other player does not even have to accept the invite.

  • Rematch a player that you've lost against.

    This achievement first requires that you lose a game. Once you are in a game, you can just resign to get awarded the loss (hit the Resign button in the bottom right corner of the screen during an active game). Then, hit the Rematch button in the same position to challenge the same player to another game. The achievement unlocks as soon as the game board loads. The other player doesn't not even have to accept the invite.

  • Complete a game with no tile remaining.

    This achievement requires that you finish a game with no tiles remaining on your rack. You must do this first, as if the other player does it the game will automatically be over. You do not need to have the highest score, just be the one to run out of tiles. When it gets down to the end, just keep trying to fit your last few letters to make two or three letter words (while passing with the other player). This should be entirely possible most games, but in some cases will not work out.

  • Score two Triple Letter Bonus Tiles with a single word.

    This achievement requires that you complete a word with two of the letters placed on a Triple Letter Bonus Tile. These bonus tiles are dark green and are marked by "TL." There are several locations in the board where these tiles are close together. Along the sides of the board, the scoring word can be as short as three letters, and five letters near the middle of the board. Just use the solver website to come up with a connecting word that spans two of the bonus tiles.

  • Complete a game with at least 300 points.

    This achievement requires that you earn a final score of more than 300 points. This is not that difficult when using the solver and a little strategy. To guarantee this unlocks, make the other player passes on all of their turns. With this one tip, you should have no trouble surpassing 300, if not 500 points in a single game.

  • Score a word that is worth at least 100 points.

    This achievement requires that you score 100 points by placing a single word. This will require the use of bonus tiles and impeccable placement and planning. There are two routes you can take to get more than 100 points.

    1. This is IMO the easier of the two paths. Place a high value letter (preferably Z or Q, but maybe X or J) on a Triple Letter Bonus Tile and orient the word to also pass over a Triple Word Bonus Tile. This is possible on the edges of the board where these two bonus tiles are only separated by three spaces. Words like QUEEN and QUAIL will work for this. The benefit of this technique is that the word doesnt have to be that long.
    2. Use all 7 of your letters to create the word, and make use of the Triple Word Bonus Tile. Using all of your tiles in a single turn will earn you a bonus of 40 points. That means you really only need to earn 60 points in your 7 letter word, an easy task when you place it over some bonus tiles (especially a Triple Word Bonus Tile). Use the solver to come up with a full-rack word from your given letters. Also consider the fact that you will need to link this word with the ones already in play. In most cases this will mean you actually will be making an 8-letter word (7 of your letters attaching to one letter on the board). Still you will more often than not need to have a high-value letter in the word, but the exact placement will not be as important.

    With both of these techniques, especially the second one, you will need to coordinate with the other player and get all of the tiles onto your rack that you will need, as well as build the board in the correct way to be able to link your high-scoring word. It is best to come up with the word you want to place and where you want to place it as soon as possible. Then you can work towards making it happen. Some tips:

    • More often than not, swapped tiles will remain at the top of the pile. So if the other player has a tile you need, force them to swap it. Then when it is your turn, swap some of your tiles to get the tile/tiles that were just dropped by the other player. This is a good way to switch tiles directly between players.
    • You will need to keep playing words in a different section of the board with the other player to continue moving though the letters that are left in the virtual bag, in order to get to the ones that you may need. Just be sure not to use any letters that your main player requires.
  • Place a 10 points letter on a Triple Letter bonus tile.

    This achievement requires that you place a 10-point letter on a Triple Letter Bonus Tile. There are only two 10-point letter tiles in the game, the Z and the Q. This is fairly simple to do without much planning since the word you place can be as short as two letters, creating words like ZA and QI. Use the solver if you need, and swap tiles with the other player if need be to get the 10-point letter tiles to your rack.

  • Be the first of a game to use a Triple Word Bonus Tile.

    This achievement requires that you be the first player in the game to place a word that contains a letter on a Triple Word Bonus Tile. Just make sure the account you want to get the achievement with places a word of any length that contains the red "TW" bonus tiles FIRST.

  • After your first ten words, have an average word scoring equal or better than 20.

    This achievement requires that you get your average word scoring up to 20 points. This is essentially your total number of points divided by your total number of moves taken. The achievement will not unlock until you have played at least 10 words in your Alphajax career. This achievement should be focused on IMMEDIATELY when you start playing the game. If you do not, and you place a bunch of small, low-scoring words, it could take a good bit of time to get your average word scoring back up to 20. In your first game, play the highest scoring words you can with your main account in order to get your average above 20 right away, as soon as you pass the 10 word requirement, and at the very least by the end of the first game. Be aware that passing your turn and swapping tiles counts as 0 points for that turn and will bring down your average. You can check your progress towards this achievement in the Statistics screen from the Main Menu. Look at the "Avg Move" stat.

    WARNING: For those of you that played the Windows Phone version, the stats will carry over. If you played a ton of games and words, and have an average word scoring much less than 20, you may have a significant grind to get it up to 20. That is not factored into the estimated time for the Roadmap. We are talking a few additional hours, but in some cases, much, much more. It will depend on your situation. Be warned.

  • Win a game with at least twice the points of your opponent.

    This achievement requires that you finish a game having at least double the score of your opponent. The easiest way to unlock this achievement is to start a new game and play at least one word with each player, so that your main account has at least double the score of the other player (e.g. main account has 8 pts, secondary account has 3 pts). Then, with the secondary account, resign the game. Your main account will win with double the points. You may need to go into the Played Games screen and click on the game to get the achievement to pop on your primary account.

  • Place the seven letters of your rack in a single move.

    This achievement requires that you play all 7 letters on your rack in a single turn. This achievement would be quite hard for someone not using a solver, so you will probably need to use one. Just keep entering all of your letters to see if you can make a full 7-letter word with them. You should also always add in various letters on the board where you could attach yours to and see if any 8+ letter words exists as well. This requires some luck, but mostly just checking all of your options. While going for this, unload the higher value letters ASAP as they rarely can fit into longer words. You also may get this one when you unlock the "Anodyne Supremacy" achievement depending on the technique you choose.

  • Win 5 games in a row.

    See "Wordsmithery Persistency."


Secret achievements

  • You placed the word ALPHAJAX on a board.

    This achievement requires that you make the word "ALPHAJAX" on the board. Use techniques found in "Anodyne Supremacy" to get all of the tiles you need into your main account's rack. The important thing to note is that the entire word does not need to be built in the same turn. Build your board favorably so you can start piecing together the word. I personally recommend building "AL", then add P-H-A to make "ALPHA," then add J-A-X to make the complete word. The secondary account can lay down any of the letters, except the J-A-X to complete the word. With focused effort on this achievement only, it should take less 20 minutes or so, depending how lucky you are with letters (especially the J or X, which there is only one of each in the game).

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