- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2
- Offline: 11 (190 )
- Online: 1 (10 )
- Approximate amount of time to 200 : 1-2 hours, depending on skill
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1. You will also need to simply start a game three more times but you do not need to play through the whole game.
- Number of missable achievements: 3, "Untouchable", "Giant Man" and "Three In A Row".
- Glitched achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Only one ("Renaissance Man") - simply a matter of starting a game on each of the 4 difficulties. Actual playthrough can be done on any difficulty.

Start Playing on EASY with lives and energy set to MAX. Save often (maybe after every enemy encounter) to help you avoid taking damage and ensure you get all 3 spirit balls per level. This will unlock "Giant Man" and "Three In A Row". Also, try to kill as many wolves as you can from the start. Your energy does not refill at the start of a new level, so try to conserve it as much as possible during the first three levels. This is why reloading a recent save can be handy. Once you get to Level 3 you will unlock "Untouchable", assuming you did not lose any lives. After this point, you can die and continue as needed since your score does not reset.

Continue through the game, making sure to kill all the wolves you can and collecting spirit balls, which makes things MUCH easier. By the time you beat the fourth boss, you should have all three score achievements because each level will give you 100,000 points. You should get your 30 wolves kill by the last level. Finish up the game and enjoy the credits.

Start a new game on each of the remaining difficulty levels to get "Renaissance Man". You can quit out as soon as you get control of your character.

Try to find an online multiplayer game. You just need to start the game and the achievement will unlock. If you need help, try the achievement trading thread HERE.

x360a would like to thank IamTheKoP for this Road Map

Altered Beast Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Finish the game.

    If you find you're having trouble getting through the game, just set the difficulty to EASY and your energy and lives to MAX. Not only that, but you get unlimited continues as well. The nice part is, you don't lose your score when you continue, so it makes the scoring achievements that much easier.
  • Start the game once with each of the four difficulty settings.

    Just start a new game on each difficulty. As soon as the game starts, quit to the menu and start the next difficulty.
  • Score 350,000 points.

    Points are high even on EASY, seeing as you get 100,000 for defeating each boss. Kill as many enemies as you can to help with this one and it should unlock right before you fight the fourth boss, if not then it definitely will when you kill him.
  • Reach the third level without losing a life.

    This one might pose a small challenge, but it's not that bad. Start the game on EASY with MAX energy and MAX lives. Make sure to abuse the save feature and you should have no problem. If you want, kill an enemy (or group) and save if you took no damage. If you took damage, then reload your last save. Work through it like that and is should be quick. It really helps to get fully powered up to make things easier. You only have to make it to the third level to unlock the achievement, not beat the game.
  • Score 250,000 points.

    See "Points III"
  • Defeat the third level boss.

    Kill the Third Boss. This is easiest if you fight him while fully upgraded with all three spirit balls. If you're having trouble then use this strategy: Keep rolling into him (kick). You will bounce off of him, when this happens just move back in and keep attacking. Try to avoid his projectiles if you can. At this point you should have already gotten to Level 3 without dying so if you keep having to continue it won't hurt you.
  • Boss I



    Defeat the first level boss.

    Kill the first Boss. This is easiest if you fight him while fully upgraded with all three spirit balls. If you're having trouble then use this strategy: Stand towards the left of the screen and keep hitting him with your fireballs (punch) until he stops attacking you. Dash (kick) towards him to destroy his projectiles and hit him. Return to the left side and repeat this until he is dead.
  • Kill 30 two-headed wolves.

    Just kill thirty wolves throughout the game, they appear in all levels. This is pretty easy as there are many more than thirty. I'm not sure if this is cumulative over all of your games, but it's not too hard to do in one playthrough.
  • Play in an online multiplayer game.

    Just join an online session. Unlocks as soon as the game starts. Use the Achievement Trading Thread HERE to find someone to play with.
  • Score 150,000 points.

    See "Points III"
  • Collect Spirit Balls from the first three White Wolves in any level - Single Player mode only.

    This is easiest on the first level. Just kill all three White Wolves and this is yours. If you're having trouble, just save often and, if you miss one, reload your save. There are only three White Wolves per level, so if you miss one you will not be able to fully upgrade your character for that level, making the level bosses that much more difficult.
  • Collect a Spirit Ball.

    White Wolves give you spirit balls that will upgrade your character. Simply kill the first White Wolf and get the spirit ball.

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