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    C'mon! Spend those Stars and buy up all the items for all the Chipmunks!


    You need to buy all customizable items for all 6 chipmunks. This will cost 207 stars for all of them. Even after completing all the songs, you can still have to go back and earn stars from a few songs to be able to buy everything.

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  • when is this game out?
  • uhhh not sure
  • november 15, 2011
  • This is to discuss the acheivements, use the forums for stupid questions like that, not to mention they will actually get seen! :OO Anyone know the exact amount needed for this? Rental i've had for 4 months now (cant play for more than 30mins-1hr, detection is horrific) if i'm close i may keep going. Will post back with results if no one else does, assuming i get that far.
  • about 32-40 per chipmunk, and there are six chipmunks to buy for

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