- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10 
- Offline: 9/9 (1000/1000)
- Online: 0/9 (0/1000)
- Approximate amount of time to 10005+ hours depending on performance.
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements:  None, the Kinect Sensor is a bit glitchy though.
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: Kinect sensor is required.

Welcome to Alvin and the Chipmunks – Chipwrecked! This is a very quick 700 and a still quick 1000 Kinect game! Overall it’s a relatively fun and easy-going dance game, with popular/classic songs--albeit altered a tad chipmunk-style. 

Step 1: Co-op Song:
There is one achievement for playing co-op mode. Since this will only take a few minutes, it'd be best to go ahead and get this one out of the way. You don't need a second person, only select co-op mode for the menu.

Step 2: Playthrough of all songs:
While playing through the songs, try to get 5 stars on each song. If you don't then that's OK because you can replay it again as many times as you like. You will need more stars to buy all costumes for all chipmunks anyway. The more 'Perfect' moves you get the better your chances are of getting 5 stars in the song.

Blue checkmark represents a Perfect move.
Green checkmark represents a Good move.
Yellow checkmark represents an Acceptable move.
No checkmark obviously means you missed it.

Step 3: Buying all the costumes and Mop Up:
Even if you get 5 stars on every song in one playthrough, you'll still need to play a few more songs in order to buy all the costumes for all of the chipmunks. Given the Kinect sensor issue, you'll more than likely have replay several songs more than once anyway.

All the achievements are straightforward, and if you get through the Kinect sensor issue you'll have no problem getting all the achievements in the game. It's a fairly easy game which can be completed in just a few hours. It's very easy and quick to get 700 and the remaining 300 isn't too difficult just time consuming.

[x360a would like to thank Skorpion x360a for this Roadmap]

Alvin & The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked Achievement Guide

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There are 9 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • C'mon! Spend those Stars and buy up all the items for all the Chipmunks!

    You need to buy all customizable items for all 6 chipmunks. This will cost 207 stars for all of them. Even after completing all the songs, you can still have to go back and earn stars from a few songs to be able to buy everything.

  • You are the absolute best. Only one way to prove it: get 5 Stars in all songs!

    This will likely be the annoying last achievement you get. It requires you to 5-Star every song in the game. Depending on your style, some songs will be a breeze while others may seem broken.
    Despite how lenient this game is towards moves, there are a few issues in 5-Starring all songs. Here’s some advice to help out:

    • Always try to get the blue checkmark (perfect rating) for each of your moves. They count significantly more than any other rating and will give you munkpowers which can quickly bulk up your stars.
    • Faster songs have some registration issues when it comes to moves. The ones that give you trouble when you’re trying to 5-star I recommend you get familiar with the moves and start the sequence just before the game does.
    • Unlike its colleagues, Chipwrecked still gives you a perfect rating if you get at least half of a move flawlessly. This means you don’t need to smoothly transition between all moves, you can awkwardly jump in half way through one move as long as every part of that move is on par.
    • Most Kinect games will experience issues if your space is too limited, the problem is simply that limited space hinders a player’s ability to move openly for the motion camera to detect. Make sure your sensor gets calibrated each time you move it or change your environment.
    • Pay close attention to the main chipmunk(s), he will be your guide when the game is not detecting a certain move correctly. However, also pay attention to the support chipmunks when you score a Munkpower! since they will give you a headsup on the next move.
    • If you still think you’re doing it right but the game doesn’t think so; Stop. Rethink. Retry. It does not matter how awkward you look as long as the game thinks it’s good.
  • Dancing by yourself is good, dancing with a partner is better! Complete a song in Coop mode!


    This should be the first achievement that you should knock off right from the main menu. Ignore the description if you don’t have a partner, the game can’t tell; just don’t move when it asks you to swap. 

  • Show off your smooth moves and get 4 Munkpowers in the same song!


    Munkpowers build ONLY when a perfect move is performed. Only one munkpower is built up at any given time (and used automatically), so you’ll likely nab this while trying to 5-Star all songs. If you're having problems getting this, a great place to achieve this would be the song 'Love Shack,' where it's really easy to get every move flawlessly.

  • Solo mode is the time to go crazy! Go nuts and get the best score!


    This is similar to Dance Central’s Freestyle mode, it is a duration in which you simply do whatever you wish. The meter builds up based on variation in wide motions. As long as your motions are wide and varying (not necessarily fast), the meter will quickly build up. I just swung my arms around and got this without any problems. You will likely get this on your first song or through story progression.

  • Make sure your Chipmunk look stylish and buy up all the items for it!


    See "Patron of the Arts."

  • No one is as good as you. Get 5 Stars in a single song.

    See "Patron of the Arts."

  • Get to know the full story and complete Story mode.


    Just complete the story. You don’t necessarily have to play every song for story progression, just 4 out of 5 in each section is all that is needed to unlock the next. 

  • Come along for the ride and complete a song in Story mode.


    Simple. Just complete the first song in story mode.

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