Get busy living, or get busy dying. Achievement

  • Get busy living, or get busy dying.



    Watched 10 titles that are HD capable

    For this achievement you need to watch a movie that has the HD ribbon going across the top left corner denoting its ability to be watched in HD. You do not actually have to watch the entire movie though. What you should do is press the until you get to x128 speed. Allow this to fast-forward until there is about a minute left in the film. Allow the video to play for about 30 seconds, and you should notice the tracker advance meaning you watched one title. What I will suggest is that you have the achievements app snapped while doing this to know when you can restart the movie.

    As for the movie to choose, Pain & Gain satisfies this achievement, as well as the one for action titles, comedy titles, and drama titles. This means you will need to go through this video 10 times in order to unlock all four achievements.


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