Loud and Clear Achievement

  • So after I get the green keycard, what do I do next? If I go back out the door, I die. If I take the elevator up, Lana can cross the obstacle, but has to leave Amy behind with no way of getting her across too. How the heck do I get past this?
  • So you got the orange card to get back into the security office and then you get the greencard, right? Well, after you get the green card from the security office, there's two ways of leaving. There's the blatantly run for you life and hope amy holds onto your hand (the security guard is now standing outside the office after you pick up the green card.) I did this approach to get my achievement of hiding from the enemy. I ran into the room with the ladder and his both of us in there. Walla, achievement. But if you don't wanna do that, if you go to the back of the security office, there's a cart you can move for amy to slip through the hole. You'll need to go up the elevator, go out the door, get across the obstacle and go into the room with the ladder. You should be able to pull Amy out of
  • the hole (which I think is in the room where you found the stick and there's DNA there too (not the right DNA.) And when you have her, go down the hall that leads to the non-working elevator and keep going straight instead of turning left to get to the elevator. If you keep going straight, there should be the server's room which in there if where you use the green card to access the alarm system. Figure out the code (I honestly don't remember it) but here's a tip; make sure you use all five tries. Don't back out because the alarm will go off. The alarm will also go off if you use all five tries but there is a desk in there you can hide. And from what I've learned, if you mess the alarm up and run out passed the guard and back to the security office, there's also another guard so hide in th
  • there until he goes away if you mess up. Does that help?
  • Ah, yes. I didn't know you could move the cart to have Amy crawl through a hole. I didn't she it was movable i guess. Thanks for that!

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