High Voltage Achievement

  • High Voltage



    Push an enemy onto an electrical device

    Amy High Voltage Achievement & Trophy Guide - YouTube

    At the beginning of Chapter 3, you have a very long separation puzzle where you place Amy at the beginning platform and then proceed across the entire room through minefields and across obstacles.

    After you reach the opposite side of the room, Zombies will start to appear to ambush you. A small cutscene will inform you that Amy's new Push ability can be used numerous times should she stand on the icon.

    Simply cast the telekinetic Push ability and hit one of the 4 Zombies that are attacking Lana. There are multiple mines so you shouldn't have a problem. I suggest actually killing off all Zombies this way before proceeding. Just be cautious of Lana's deteriorating health and use syringes when needed.

  • You can get this achievement in Chapter 3 when Amy has unlimited power with her shockwave. As they're going through the sensors to get Lana, use her shockwave to push an enemy into the electric device.
  • ^ sounds fucked up.

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