Bodyguard Achievement

  • Bodyguard



    Complete a level without the monsters draining Amy's energy

    Easily achieved within the first chapter. Simply do not allow Amy to be left alone during an attack. Not too many attacks during the first chapter so you should have no issue regardless of difficulty. 

  • This one is VERY easy. Near the end of chapter 1, you have to run away from the infected you release. Make sure you grab amy by the hand(hold RB and then hold LB at the same time to run) and just run through the steel maze. At the end of the hallway press the button to close the gate. Done. The achievement should pop once level is finished.
  • I forgot to close the gate. I guess they just gave up chasing me. LOL
  • If Amy gets caught and you reload the checkpoint, it won't unlock. Just found this out. Means another attempt.
  • I had it at the first lvl too ^^

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