Survivor (Hard) Achievement

  • does anyone knoe if the cheevo's stack?
  • Not sure, although I doubt it. How else are they going to force replay value out of it?
  • yes. they do....
  • Any chance of being able to replay the last chapter on hard and unlocking the achievement or will I have to replay all chapters on hard (currently playing through on normal). Anyone try this yet?
  • So I loved Amy even throughout all the reviews and bashing up until I beat it on hard and got the achievements for hard and easy but not normal...Another broken achievement. Im getting pretty sick of achievements not functioning as they should...
  • Alright heads up to anybody this happens to, just redo episode 6 on hard again and it should pop. I just got it.
  • they stack out of order i just did it on hard and they unlocked hard normal than easy am soooo pissed
  • I can't even get past the 4 combo lock lol. Now way I'm tonna get this
  • on the end of level 4 just stay in the door you came from. Keep dodging and attacking and if the door opens where amy is run like hell to the end of the level. Chapter 5 if you need to move past the last two cars before getting in the building, if the zombies drains amy power run to the keycard and pick it up.There will be a checkpoint if you pick it up, so if you die there are no enemy's. The end of chapter 5 is frustrating but attack and run. Hope this help a bit.
  • For chapter 6 don't let amy in the room with the button just run and pick up that healing stuff. Then run to the room with 3 bombs (I think it's in the same room where you start). Just stand after the last bomb and let the monster come to you. He gets hit by the bomb attack him and run to the first bomb. Works great! There's a vid on youtube for this so check that one out if it's not clear.
  • When juggling the boss with the pair of shock mines, he only gets shocked by the mine once; it'll reset if he gets shocked by the other. I ended up letting him get in the mine by the outer wall, attack to get him to shock, do the head-bash, then circle around by the corner wall to get to the second mine. After repeating there, I ran all the way around the corridor to get back to the first mine; you'll just get hit thanks to his range (way longer than the animation) if you try to circle in between again.
  • God damn i wish there was an easy way to do this. like replaying the last chapter or something.. I'm currently stuck on chapter 4, after putting the game down for a few months. its a decent game, but the combat is just.. bad. paired with the fact enemies 2 hit you, its ruthless. another incomplete game.. =/

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