- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: 15 (250)
- Online: 0 (0)
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 9 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 playthrough
- Number of missable achievements: None (All levels may be replayed)
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements? No difficulty setting
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed? 1 Extra Controller

On the surface, Ancients of Ooga will appear like a fun little game to relax and kill some spare hours with. This, to a certain extent, is true. However, there are certain aspects of the game that will begin to get very very annoying after a while. For this reason it's recommended that you collect all of the achievements in one playthrough, to avoid going through it all again. The basics of the game are that you, the spirit of the ancient one, will manifest yourself in the bodies of little tribesmen called Ooganis in order to aid them in reviving their chieftains to fight off the evil Boolis. You solve puzzles and complete objectives by pulling levers, sacrificing objects (and Ooganis!) and generally completing various tasks for people.

Thankfully a lot of the achievements are story related and simply completing all the missions will net you 160. The following are all the achievements that can be earned just by playing through the game's story:

  • Long Live Chief Berni-ni
  • A Shocking Development
  • Sober the Stinkers
  • Abracadabra, Alakazam!
  • Flotsam and Jetsam
  • The Way the Booli Crumbles
  • Dibs on the Drumstick

Whilst playing through the story, it is a very good idea to collect all the Bones of the Ancient one on your first playthrough. There are two reasons for this. First, it will save you the time, pain and effort of a second playthrough. Second, you cannot actually play the very last level for And Stay Out! until you have collected them all. Check out the achievement guide below for hints on finding all the bones for the Bone Collection achievement. You should also try to die as little as possible. As obvious as it may sound, this will save you replaying levels later to obtain Death Defier.

The final two achievements are Taste Tester and Join the Revolt. The first is for swallowing 15 different items and you will almost definitely unlock this while completing the storyline. The second achievement will unlock for playing a split screen co-operative level. You must do this with two controllers, it cannot be played on live. An easy level to speed through is the last level in the Trial Realm; “Fired Up”.

Note: Only one of the two players needs to complete the level, the other can simply wait at the start.

DLC - The Forgotten Chapters

All of the DLC levels are open from the start, and offer a few more levels of what you have been playing through. If you wish you can play through as normal, but you only really need to play through three of the levels, not even to the end to unlock all three achievements.

Lets start with level 2. Load up the level. You will pull a lever and a crate will drop, unlocking Comrade Cratewithin seconds of starting the level. You can exit the level now if you wish.
Now load up level 4. Play through until you have to fight the large Tuska. Kill him for Super Spear Hero.
Finally you will need to play through right to the end of level 7. Upon turning the glow stone at the end you will unlock The New Boss, and will be finished with this DLC!

And you're done! Some parts of the game will certainly annoy you. Stupid puzzles that require perfect timing, sub standard control layouts and overly sensitive analog sticks are just some of the obstacles in your journey to 250. But what's done is done. The storyline has it's quirks, if you bother to read the text, and may throw a smile or two your way. If it doesn't then it's just another 100% to add to the pile!

[x360a would like to thank EmagDrolBot & Corrupt x360a for this Road Map]

Ancients of Ooga Achievement Guide

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There are 15 achievements with a total of 250 points

  • Revive the Fire Chief, Berni-ni.


    Story Related: You will unlock this at the end of the level "Fired Up" in the Trial Realm.

  • Use the Harvest Chief, Diggi-dodo's power on a Booli.


    Story Related: In the last level "Father Nature" in the Realm of the Harvesters, You will have control of the Chief. Just press when near a Booli to Zap them with lightning.

  • Get the stinkers off slugs.


    Story Related: You will unlock this in the fourth mission "Intervention" in the Realm of the Stinkers. Once you have sobered the fourth stinker, the mission will end and the achievement will unlock.

  • Transform a Booli using the Animal Chief, Ali-mali.


    Story Related: This unlocks during the last level in the Realm of the Warriors called "Animagic". Use the chief's magic with on a Booli to unlock the achievement.

  • Completely flood a level using the Swimmer Chief, Fini-ni.


    Story Related: In the last level "The Flood" in the Realm of the Swimmers, use the chief to flood every floor in the level using the chief's skill with . This includes the top level as well. There are also big fish that like to hide, so watch out for them as you progress. It's a pretty short level and it shouldn't give you any trouble.

  • Shatter a Booli into pieces using the Stone Chief, Te-tera.


    Story Related: You will unlock this in the last level in the Realm of the Stoners called "Crack Up". When playing as the Chief, go the the first Booli and press to slow time then press to smash him for the achievement.

  • Make a feast for the flappers.


    Story Related: Unlocked in the Realm of the Flappers during the 4th level called "Pride Fried". When you sacrifice the 5 chickens near the end of the level, the achievement unlocks.

  • Kick the Boolis out of Ooga.


    Story Related: When you finish the final level, this achievement will unlock.

  • Swallow 15 unique items.


    To swallow something, press to grab it, then to chew it, then to swallow it. Some items require a certain number of salt shaker pickups to be able to swallow.

    You must swallow 15 different items in the game. Each level has a check list in the pause screen. Make sure to find each item in the level before you finish it and it will unlock when you swallow the 15th item.

  • Complete 22 levels without dying.


    Complete 22 levels without dying. If you go to Chapter Select, the game will show if you completed a level without dying. If you do not have this by the end of the game, you may replay missions and complete them again without dying to get credit for this.

    Note: Some levels in the chapter select will not have a death count in the stats. These will not count towards your 22 levels without dying. There must be 22 different levels with a death count of 0 in the stats. I unlocked this halfway through the Realm of the Flappers.

  • Collect all of the bones of the Ancient One.


    Most missions have a number of Bones hidden in them. Find every bone to unlock this achievement. A good tip is to press while playing to go into spirit form. You can them look around the entire level and find out where all the bones are hidden. Just make sure to get all the bones before you complete all objectives.

    Bones are only in the 8 main Realms. There are none in the Final Realm. In the last level in the Realm of the Flappers, you should get the achievement if you made sure to get all of them in each level before moving on.

    If you replay a level to get something you missed, you must finish the level or the game will not save your progress.

  • Complete a split screen cooperative level.


    When you start a game, there will be an option to have a 2nd player join you. Log in a second profile of any kind and complete any level in Split Screen. The last Trial level "Fired Up" is one of the faster levels in the beginning of the game. The 2nd player does not have to do anything but be logged in. After the next level starts, the achievement unlocks.


Secret achievements

    DLC: The Forgotten Chapters

    There are 3 achievements with a total of 50 points


      Secret achievements

      • Open the crate to discover the contents. You monster. (DLC)


        In the 2nd DLC level "Crate of Secrets", shortly after the level starts, you will pull a lever. This will cause a rock to fall and smash the crate and the achievement will unlock.

      • Kill the baddest tuska in all the land. (DLC)


        In the 4th level of the DLC, you will find a very large pig-like creature called a tuska. It is larger than the others in the game. There will be several other Ooganis next to him with spears. Get a spear and just keep throwing it at him and he will die after a while and the achievement will unlock.

      • Get the Glow Stone. (DLC)


        At the end of level 7th DLC level "The Glow Stone", this achievement will unlock when you turn the glow stone in to finsih the level.

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