Jedi Master Achievement

  • Jedi Master



    2000 blocks smashed with saber

    For these three achievements you need to smash a total of 2000 blocks with the light saber. The blocks need to be completely smashed, not just damaged. You will definitely need to grind this after completing all the levels. A quick level to grind these on is Level 1-11. You get four birds to attack the two structures on the level. The first bird should be shot at the middle of the small, closer tower, destroying as many of those blocks as possible. Then fire your next shot towards the upper part of the large tower (avoiding the lasers). Use the final two birds as you see fit to clean up the remains. Aim for smaller blocks and those made of ice and wood as they are easier to break. As soon as you are doing swinging your saber with the final bird, pause and restart the level. You can get 20-25 blocks with each playthrough of the level, earning around 60 blocks per minute. All 2000 should take around 30 minutes or less to grind.


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