Skilled Pilot Achievement

  • Skilled Pilot



    500 blocks smashed with Pilot

    This achievement may or may not need to be grinded after completing the game. Destroying blocks with Pilot still intact or split in three both count towards this achievement. Pilot works best against ice blocks. Only the blocks DIRECTLY hit by Pilot count. The best level to grind this on is Level 2-1. Fire the birds below the first planet, arcing them into the ice structures. Make sure to split Pilot before making impact to increase you block count. Only two birds should be needed to destroy most of the blocks from the two ice towers. Pause and restart as soon as the you realize your second bird is not going to hit any other ice blocks. You can get between 10-15 blocks per attempt of the level, earning 50 blocks per minute. This should only take a few minutes to grind.


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