Star Bird Addict Achievement

  • Star Bird Addict



    Angry Birds Star Wars played for 30 hours

    For these three achievements you need to "play" the game for a total of 30 hours. This is actually a little ridiculous considering there are only 80 levels in the game. Luckily, the game counts time, even when the game is running unattended on your computer. First, make sure you computer is set to NOT hibernate, go to sleep, or bring up any type of screensaver. Then load up any level and just let it sit there. Personally, I think it is easiest just to set this up while you sleep (make sure tablet is charging if you are using one). Each morning, when you come back to your device, make sure to complete the level (either pass or fail) to save your progress. The achievements will also NOT unlock until your finish your current level (either pass or fail). After just a few nights, depending on how long you sleep, you will have these achievements.


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