Walking Carpet Achievement

  • Walking Carpet



    Same turret shot Chewbacca 6 times

    You need to get a single Chewbacca bird hit by 6 individual red laser shots from a turret. This is only obtainable on a few levels in the game (where there is a turret and you get to use a Chewbacca) and may only be possible in Levels 2-11 and 2-12. Both of these levels are suitable to obtain the achievement on, but it will require a little bit of luck and a few tries.

    Level 2-11: Use your first Chewbacca to plow down through the area of blocks on the right down into the fire of the turret. This bird will likely disappear before you can get hit 6 times (as the debris must clear first). Fire your second bird down the same path. With a little luck, this bird can get hit 6 times if it lands in the correct orientation below. The level will end before the third bird can get hit 6 times so dont even bother.

    Level 2-12: Just fire your first bird (Chewbacca) directly to the area in front of the turret. Try not to hit other blocks on the way down, but it can still be obtained if you do (sometimes it actually helps prop your bird up). With a little luck, the bird can get hit 6 times if it lands with the correct orientation.


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