Pork side of the Force Achievement

  • Pork side of the Force



    Level failed 10 times with one pig left

    You simply need to fail a level with only one pig remaining. Again, this does not need to be the same level, but it can be any level. Just do this ten times. To grind this, just load up level 1-1 and fire all your birds backwards, avoiding the sole pig in the level. You must wait for the fail screen to pop-up for it to count. Click restart from the fail screen and repeat.

  • Use Level 1 of Tatooine where there is only one pig. Then shoot all four pigs a very short distance to fail the level. Repeat. I shot the pigs backwards so there was no chance of accidentally hitting the pig.
  • I'm sorry... you were shooting "pigs" you dumb-ass?! It's Angry "Birds," not "Angry Pigs!" You're supposed to shoot your "birds" backwards!!! It even says this at the top how to do it. If you posted your comment after the info was posted at the top... then it's "double dumb-ass" on you!!

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