Big Spender Achievement

  • Big Spender



    Spend 5,000 Coins

    You can spend coins on a number of things. 

    - You can buy extra birds per level if you want. Once you have access to a certain bird, it will be available to purchase in-game at the top of the screen.
    - You will have to have a certain amount of stars in order to have the birds waiting to be launched. If you don't have enough stars to have them all available you can buy them when it's their turn to be launched. You'll have a limited time to do so.
    - There will be smoke bombs that the pigs ignite that will surround the Wall of Pigs levels that you have to wait to clear in real time. If you don't want to wait, you can buy access to the level. The less amount of time you have left to wait, the less it will cost to gain access.
    - The hammer power-up has a meter that fills up with each pig that you pop. If you don't want to wait for the meter, you can purchase the power-up in-game. The more the meter is filled, the less the power-up will cost.


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