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    Find 30 Photographs



    You will need to unlock all 30 photos within the game. In order to do that, you will need to not only beat the game, but you will also need to earn 3 stars on every level. There are also photos in plain sight on the Episode 2's level select screen. They are very easy to spot and all you have to do is touch them to unlock them.

    Episode 2 Stage Select Screen:
    - Directly under Level 13 in a hole.
    - Directly under Level 27 on the rock.
    - Under Levels 35 and 36 inside the cave.
    - Under Level 57 on the platform.

    Once a photo is unlocked, you can go into the photo album and select a photo and it will change the appearance of your birds. Gale is the only bird that this does not apply to.

    This achievement glitched on me as I earned 3 stars on the last level I needed, the game froze and threw me out of the game. Then when I tried to enter the game again, it would just throw me back out. I messaged Rovio about this issue, but have yet to get a response.

    Possible solution: I finally got this achievement. I'm not sure what went differently, but I'll list what I did the second time:
    - I earned these achievements while NOT connected to Wifi.
    - I 3-starred every level and saved the very last level for last.
    - I didn't buy any birds to help add to my score, but I did use the hammer power-up.
    - I earned 3 stars on my first attempt and didn't use restart.

  • I can't click the photos at the level select screen since the last update switched these for (present) boxes with the date 01.11.14. I tried to manualy set the phone to this date, but nothing changed. Any idea what to do?

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