Power of Three Achievement

  • Power of Three



    131 Three Starred Levels


    This will require you to earn 3 stars on every level in the game. This achievement goes hand-in-hand with "Album Maker" as you earn your final photo at 393 stars.

    This achievement glitched on me as I earned 3 stars on the last level I needed, the game froze and threw me out of the game. Then when I tried to enter the game again, it would just throw me back out. I messaged Rovio about this issue, but have yet to get a response.

    Possible solution: I finally got this achievement. I'm not sure what went differently, but I'll list what I did the second time:
    - I earned these achievements while NOT connected to Wifi.
    - I 3-starred every level and saved the very last level for last.
    - I didn't buy any birds to help add to my score, but I did use the hammer power-up.
    - I earned 3 stars on my first attempt and didn't use restart.


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