Drum Roll Achievement

  • Drum Roll



    Get one bird to bounce on 5 drums in one level

    The achievement description is slightly misleading on this one. You don't have to bounce off of 5 different drums, but you must bounce 5 times on any drum with one bird. There are a few spots that you will be able to get this easy.

    Episode 1: Level 18 - This is probably the first place you can get this achievement. Just shoot one of your birds over the drum and have it "drill" into the drum. The bird will bounce 5 times on the drum and the drum before it breaks.

    Episode 1: Level 33 - This level has 4 drums that you can bounce off of. Just aim you bird so that it bounces off of the drum closest to you birds and the it should bounce off of each of the 4 drums and as it hits the fourth drum, it'll come back and hit the third drum giving you 5 bounces.

  • I just got this in level 33. Just fired a bird at the first drum, and i got 5 bounces in a row easily. You can also try level 18, with a yellow bird with their drill ability on a single drum according to a comment I saw earlier. But level 33 is where I grabbed it.

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