- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: 15/15 [400]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 400: 5-8 Hours [with guides]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 [if you reload saves]
- Number of missable achievements: Lots!
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty select
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No cheats
- Extra equipment needed: No!

Welcome to Anna - Extended Edition, a psychological horror game developed by Dreampainters. The game is by no means hard, but can be very complicated and cumbersome to earn all of the achievements in unless you use guides. Because of the nature of the collectibles, very little surprise is left if you know what and where everything is. If you'd like to experience the game at its full horrifying potential, I'd recommend a playthrough or two before you begin attempting the achievements.

Step 1: Playing the Game
When you're ready to earn all of the achievements, you can do so in one run (with proper save points). All of the achievements and collectibles are covered under "That's all folks!" below. If you're having trouble with any specific achievements, I've added more specific descriptions under each individual achievement.

Congratulations on completing Anna - Extended Edition!

[XBA would like to thank Neverender for this roadmap]

Anna - Extended Edition Achievement Guide

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There are 15 achievements with a total of 400 points

  • Complete the game with the "The Truth" Ending

    Refer to "That's all folks!".

    There are eight endings and this is one of the most complicated.

    To explain how to get this, I have to explain how to avoid other endings first. So:

    • Three of the endings involve you leaving the house intentionally through different exits. If you click on a door and it says something along the lines of "You won't be able to come back in", don't go out of it.
    • One of the endings involves your character going insane. The insanity element involves the eye symbols that occasionally flash on your screen. Red eye symbols mean your character is becoming less sane, white symbols mean more sane. Red symbols usually flash upon witnessing supernatural events or staring at mannequins. White eye symbols appear as a result of you progressing in the game. As long as you don't stare at mannequins or the various supernatural occurrences you shouldn't have a problem avoiding this.
    • The Way of the Sabot Maker is hard to do unintentionally. You can do whatever else you'd like, but don't put on the Goddess's Mask in the Grotto and you'll be okay.
    • You need a certain number of intuitions unlocked (I believe it's around 20), otherwise you'll get the Inadequate ending when progressing in the Grotto.

    That leaves two endings: The Truth and The Whole Truth. Either ending will unlock the achievement, though I recommend The Whole Truth as it's required for "That's all folks!".

  • Complete the game with the "So Soon" Ending

    Refer to "That's all folks!".

    Once you arrive in the attic, there are two doors. One leads to the living area, the other is an exit. End your game by leaving through the exit for this achievement. I highly recommend saving before doing this, because this is one of the game endings.

  • Safe



    Complete the game with the "Just a scratch" Ending

    Refer to "That's all folks!".

    After you solve the leaf puzzle, you'll be able to enter the storeroom. In the back of the storeroom there will be a door once you light the lamp in the room. End your game by leaving through the exit for this achievement. I highly recommend saving before doing this, because this is one of the game endings.

    The storeroom door disappears when the house transforms with the red light. The red light event is random and can happen before the door appears. If this happens, you'll need to start a new game and try again for the achievement.

  • Find all supernatural events in a single playthrough.

    Refer to "That's all folks!".

    Supernatural events are somewhat particular - there is not one definite way to make them occur. Instead, they randomly occur in specific rooms. This somewhat complicates your playthrough, but it is still completely manageable with well-timed and well-placed saves.

  • Use "Examine" 100 times in a single playthrough.

    Examine is the button. You can use it on the same item multiple times and it will count for multiple examinations. I recommend waiting until the end of the game and (if you don't have it) examining something in your inventory over and over again.

  • Complete the game without using the help feature.

    In the Help & Options menu, you can enable help and options if you're struggling to understand what to do next. As long as you don't enable it, you'll earn this at the end of your first playthrough.

  • Complete the exterior section in less than 5 minutes

    Once you know what to do and have done it, this is fairly easy. These are the steps to getting inside the house:

    • Take the dirty object from the stack of stones.
    • Clean the dirty object in the brook.
    • Take the wooden branch from under the tree.
    • Take a pebble from near the side door (the one with stairs).
    • Use the pebble on the eye-shaped notch above the front door.
    • Use the wooden branch on the gear piece that was inside the eye-shaped notch.
    • Use the folding hunting knife on the little string keeping the little door by the stairs shut.
    • Open the little door and break the wall with the wooden branch.
    • Use the cigarette lighter on the dry branch inside the little door.
    • Combine the gear pieces together, then combine the result with the string.
    • Use the repaired gear on the mechanism under the stairs.
    • Press the little boulder next to the main door (where the eye-shaped notch is).
    • Enter the door you just opened.
  • Get inside the sawmill

    This is story-related and can't be missed.

    Once the game begins, you'll be in a pleasant outdoor area. After a bit of problem solving and inventory management, you'll find yourself inside the sawmill.

  • Reenact all the steps of the Way of the Sabot Maker

    Refer to "That's all folks!".

    There are five steps in "The Way of the Sabot Maker". They are:

    1. Curious - Obtained by reading the book "Lucien and Margherita"
    2. Prayer - Obtained by using the altar in the temple.
    3. Alone - Obtained by locking yourself in the second floor bedroom. If you unlock the door afterward, you'll have this removed.
    4. Through - Obtained by using Anna's Key on the door in the wall in the second floor bedroom.
    5. Trapped - Put on the Goddess's Mask in the Grotto.

    The best way to go about this is to do 1 & 2 as soon as you can. Once you have Anna's Key, save (so you can reload from here for other achievements), go to the bedroom, lock yourself in, go through the door in the wall, and put on the mask. This also unlocks the Sabot Maker's ending.

  • Read all books and documents in a single playthrough

    Refer to "That's all folks!".

    Books and documents are pretty simple - they're just books and documents. It is worth noting that you'll need to actually read them in your inventory for them to count as opposed to simply picking them up.

  • Read all cultism books in a single playthrough

    Refer to "That's all folks!".

  • Read all fables in a single playthrough

    Refer to "That's all folks!".

  • Unlock all intuitions in a single playthrough

    Refer to "That's all folks!".

    Intuitions are essentially thoughts the main character has as events are occurring. They can also be combined just like items in order to form more complex intuitions.

  • Finish the game with 100% completion

    I've complied a guide here that lists everything needed for 100%. This includes all books, intuitions, and events. I also denote where you can save and make quick detours for the ending-related achievements (which is why so many achievements point here). Use the as you progress through the game and you should get all of the achievements in one run.

    For 100% you need:

    • 4/5 Sabot Maker steps
    • 16/16 books read
    • 33/33 intuitions
    • 16/16 events

    A few suggestions/tips:

    • Save before you enter any room. This significantly helps mitigate the risk of missing something and provides a failsafe if you die.
    • Turn down your input sensitivity. Glancing over mannequins quickly reduces your sanity and helps get you killed.

    Format: Location, Ending, Other Missable Achievement
    Only endings related to achievements are referenced.

    Intuition (1/33) - Maple Leaves (1): Examine the maple leaves near the pile of stones.
    Book (1/16) - Notebook: Read your notebook.
    Missable Achievement: Get into the sawmill in under five minutes. May take some practice.

    Main Area (Pt. 1)
    Event (1/16) - A mannequin will catch on fire near the stove.
    Event (2/16) - There will be a puff of dust, when it reaches you the screen will flash white. If the screen flashes white and you don't see it, it still counts.
    Event (3/16) - There will be fast footsteps, walk over to the storeroom door for more dust puffs and to cease the footsteps.Book (2/16) - Lucien and Margharita: On the chair by the door to the stockroom and workshop.
    Book (3/16) - About Seals and Their Usage: On the ground by the old saw, underneath many decrepit boards that you'll have to move aside.
    Sabot Maker's Way (1/5) - Curious: Read Lucien & Margharita.

    Workshop (Pt. 1)
    Event (4/16) - Mannequins worshiping the wall.
    Book (4/16) - Alchemy and Thaumaturgy: In the work table drawer.
    Book (5/16) - Far Away & Nearby Fairytales - On a shelf to the right of the work table

    Main Area (Pt. 2)
    Intuition (2/33) - Woods: Stab yourself with the incandescent ritual dagger in the puddle room.
    Missable Achievement: You need to solve the leaf puzzle correctly on your first attempt.
    Intuition (3/33) - Stake: Correctly place the black leaf.
    Intuition (4/33) - Anna Doesn't Want That: Solve the leaf puzzle.
    Alternative Ending: Run through the door in the back of the storeroom as soon as you light up the room. See note 3 below.
    Intuition (5/33) - Wedding Ring: Remove the wedding ring from the mannequin in the storeroom with your folding knife.
    Intuition (6/33) - Name on the Wedding Ring: Examine the wedding ring when it's in your inventory.

    Attic (Pt. 1)
    Alternative Ending: Run through the door on the opposite side of the room from the wardrobe, on the same side as the symbol on the wall.
    Event (5/16) - You'll hear breathing behind you. Turn around to see the floating mask drop.
    Event (6/16) - There will be a pile of rocks between the symbol on the wall and the exit. Once observed, arms will come out of it.
    Book (6/16) - Rituals of Our Lady: As you enter the attic, check the small table behind you.
    Book (7/16) - About Masks: In the wardrobe at the back of the room.
    Intuition (7/33) - Statue: Will be added automatically as you walk around in the room.

    Living Quarters (Pt. 1)
    Event (7/16) - There will be an odd scream-like sound, then some funny business will happen in the room with Book 8 once you enter.
    Event (8/16) - You'll hear buzzing noises. Go back to the door you came in from and turn left. Walk towards the creature and go along with the sequence.
    Event (9/16) - Stand by the fireplace for a while, the attic will go up in flames for a bit before you snap out of it.
    Book (8/16) - Of Love and Connected Rituals: In the room beside the chained wardrobe on the bed.
    Book (9/16) - Letter: On the table in the room with the fireplace.
    Intuition (8/33) - Homicidal Sabot Maker?: Examine the Letter once it's in your inventory.
    Intuition (9/33) - Maple Leaves (2): Examine the maple leaves by the crib in same room as above.
    Book (10/16) - The Invisible World: On a shelf in the bedroom you unlock.
    Book (11/16) - The Beauty She Shines Of: In a trunk at the foot of the bed in the same room as above.
    Intuition (10-11/33) - Copper Age & Hate Towards Anna - Read The Beauty She Shines Of.
    Intuition (12/33) - Me as the Sabot Maker: Use the Mask of the Assassin in the same room as above.

    Main Area (Pt. 3)
    Event (10/16) - You'll be surrounded by black shadows and then a white flash will occur. See note 1a below.
    Event (11/16) - The stove will spit out some limbs and fire.
    Event (12/16) - There will be some odd-looking pillars with light between them. Approach them when they appear.
    Event (13/16) - You'll hear noises from beyond the storeroom door. Open it and walk into the bush with arms.
    Event (14/16) - Writing will appear to the right of the door to the puddle room. Watch it until it says "I won't save you again."
    Intuition (13/33) - Black Figure: Examine the front door.
    Book (12/16) - History of Pagan Religions: On a shelf in the storeroom.

    Attic (Pt. 2)
    Intuition (14/33) - Reflection: Put the basin on the hooks below the mirror, then put the child's hair, oil, and leaves into it before lighting it with the lighter.

    Workshop (Pt. 2)
    Event (15/16) - Wear the mask of truth, strange faces will emerge from the walls.

    Event (16/16) - Chains will descend from above and hang you. You'll snap out of the illusion.
    Book (13/16) - Priest's Letter: In the far left corner from where you walk in.
    Book (14/16) - Legends: On a bench beside the altar.
    Intuition (15/33) - Priest's Letter: Read the Priest's Letter.
    Intuition (16/33) - Sculptor's Tale: Read the Legends book.
    Intuition (17/33) - Maple Leaves (3): Examine the maple leaves on the ground beside the altar.
    Sabot Maker's Way (2/5) - Prayer: Walk up to the altar and hit .

    Attic (Pt. 3)
    Intuition (18/33) - Threatened: Use Black Dress and Mask on the chair.

    Living Quarters (Pt. 2)
    Sabot Maker's Way (3/5) - Alone: Go into the second bedroom and lock the door with the second key.
    Sabot Maker's Way (4/5) - Through: Use Anna's Key on the door on the wall.

    Alternative Ending: Put on the Goddess's Mask.
    Book (15/16) - Contract: Amidst candles on the ground when you come to a fork in the tunnel.
    Book (16/16) - Newspaper Page: In the candle field before the statue. This is kind of hard to see, but it's in the middle row. Presssing the button for autofocus might help.
    Intuitions (19-33/33): Combine intuitions - see note 2 below.

    Note 1: Events are finicky. They can occur at any point you're in a room. Some of them are in multiple room parts (but not all, which is why I've labeled them under the rooms that I have). You can't spawn or control them. For the most part, you're going to have to just sit around and wait for them. If it's taking a long time for one to appear and all of the rest have appeared in the room, you may need to reload a save and re-enter the room. For reference, the longest I had to wait for one was ~15 minutes, but I reloaded instead a few times. To check whether you've gotten an event, you can save, go through one of the exit doors, and view the stats afterward to compare your total with what you should have or thought you had.
    Note 1a: This event is particularly finicky. It seems to take the longest to appear, and doesn't always appear how it should. If you got a flash of white light at this point not related to the other events, it's safe to say you got this one.

    Note 2: You can combine intuitions just like items, but by using :lt: instead of :rt:. Intuitions 19-33 must be obtained this way. Note that the number of intuitions you get is the only factor between "The Truth" ending and "The Whole Truth" ending. I believe "The Whole Truth" will earn you the "Anna, my love" achievement, but I can't confirm that. On the other hand, "The Whole Truth" is required for "That's all folks!". Save and reload accordingly.

    All of the intuition combinations are:

    • (19) Cradles and Tomb: Maple Leaves (1) + Maple Leaves (2)
    • (20) Anna and the Tomb: Cradles and Tomb + Maple Leaves (3)
    • (21) The Dark Me: Black Figure + Reflection
    • (22) It Wants Me to Stay: Black Figure + Anna Doesn't Want That
    • (23) Am I a Murderer?: Homicidal Sabot Maker? + Me as the Sabot Maker
    • (24) I Want to Stay: The Dark Me + It Wants Me to Stay
    • (25) I Removed It: I Want to Stay + Am I a Murderer?
    • (26) Married: Name on the Ring + I Want to Stay
    • (27) What Does It Mean?: Wedding Ring + Married
    • (28) Medieval: Threatening + Hate Towards Anna
    • (29) Thousands of Years: Copper Age + Medieval
    • (30) Letters and Storybook: Priest's Letter + Sculptor's Tale
    • (31) Encounter in the Woods: Sculptor's Tale + Woods
    • (32) The Statue and I: Sculptor's Tale + Statue
    • (33) Paintings in the Niches: Hate Towards Anna + Stake

    Note 3: The storeroom door disappears when the house transforms with the red light. The red light event is random and can happen before the door appears. If this happens, you'll need to start a new game and try again for the achievement.


Secret achievements

  • Solve the leaves puzzle without making mistakes.

    The leaf puzzle is relatively early on in the game and involves matching leaves with certain paintings. The five paintings are in two rooms. One room has three (by the old saw) and the other room has two (on opposite sides of the puddle). In the room with three, the colors should be (left to right as you're looking at them): white, gold, bronze. In the other room with two, the black leaf should be placed in the painting to the left as you walk in, and the silver one on the painting across the puddle.

    As long as you do this without messing up, you won't have any problems.

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