An Apple A Day Achievement

  • An Apple A Day



    Reach the Orchard Rank in Xbox LIVE by playing 500 games.

  • Jesus...
  • This is gonna be a bitch -_-
  • Well on the bright side at least it's not play a game off apples to apples once a day for 500 days in a row now that would be a deal breaker.
  • gonna be tough since there is like no online games
  • Essentially, I guess the fastest way to do this would be to set the cards to win to 1 card and if your lucky enough to have a steal points card, you'll win. That's the only method I could see getting this done really fast.
  • Too bad nobody plays this online...
  • ill play with anyone who wants to play and get achievements gt:controlfreak678
  • I'm available to try grinding this out in 1 card-win matches...
  • I've been doing this for the past two nights on XBL. HMU: ViolentCabaret. 1-card matches.
  • im looking to get this one i need this one and apple-ocalypse than ill have all 200 points gt:redmunkykiler18
  • Last one I need...looking to boost. GT: I GOATslayer I
  • Hey, looking for people who want to play the game. I don't mind boosting, but really like the game too. More than willing to boost if people just want to rack up wins/gold apples cards. GT: EnbukanSquirrel
  • Need to boost to get some gamerscore...add me Alwaysfresh15
  • need this....add me....
  • Very long achievement but a fun game
  • Still need this achievment, if anyone wants to farm it add me: Outmilk
  • I'made willing to boost this and all the other achievements. Message me GT Hellspawn Death

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