Arcania: Gothic 4 Achievement Guide

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There are 46 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Prove your mettle to your secret mentor

    This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed.

  • Obtain Ivy's agreement to marry you

    This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed.

  • Defeat the loam vermin queen

    This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed.

  • Clear the bridge to Stewark

    This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed.

  • Bring stability to Stewark

    This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed.

  • Obtain access to the Silverlake archives

    This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed.

  • Obtain an audience with the Grand Master of Water in Tooshoo

    This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed.

  • Learn the secrets of the abbots of the Sea Cliff Monastery

    This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed.

  • Defeat Jabo’s watchdog

    This achievement is missable!
    When you're coming down the mountain from the monastery("Chosen by Fire and Shadow")you'll meet a man named Bartur who gives you a quest that requires you to find seeds and bring them to Jabo.
    You'll find those seeds in the dark gorge you have to traverse before reaching the jungle, simply always keep left(west) while walking through the gorge and you'll find them.
    Then after you've entered the jungle you won't really be able to go anywhere but straight north, keep going once you get to a teleporter and a dungeon entrance until you run into Jabo.
    You can then give him the seeds and he will ask you to get rid of a guard dog he got to protect his vegetables.Follow the quest marker further north where you will get to fight said "guard dog".
    Hand in the quest afterwards and you'll get the achievement.

  • Seeker



    Gain access to the forgotten temple

    This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed.

  • Claim the power of the divine forge

    This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed.

  • Obtain revenge for Feshyr

    This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed.

  • Saviour



    Defeat an ancient evil

    This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed.

  • Craft your first item

    Go to the crafting section of your menu and make any item, you should find your first recipes and ingredients very quick.

  • Emerge victorious from your first battle

    This will be your first achievement,suffice it to say that you'll get it before you expect it.

  • Annihilate an enemy with a spell

    The first of 3 spell achievements, it starts out easy, just one kill.
    This one will come with ease no matter how you spent your talent points.
    You can do this with an actual spell or a scroll and as with all other specific kill achievements the killing blow counts.

  • Finish an enemy off with a well-placed shot

    This simply means killing one enemy with a ranged weapons.Impossible to miss as the third of Gromar's trials has you hunt deer with a bow.
    With a bow equipped you need to hold because just tapping it won't do anything.Then you'll see 3 orbs filling below your crosshair, the more of them are full the more damage your shot will cause.
    Crossbows work a bit differently, it'll take longer to put a bolt into the weapon but it will fire immediately afterwards and always cause the same amount of damage.

    Both weapons count for the ranged achievements but bolts are harder to come by.
    Of course you can also weaken your enemies any other way but the killing blow will have to come from a bow or crossbow.

    For the first 2 ranged achievements you can use to auto aim, however the third one is more complex(see below).

  • Craft 5 weapons

    For this you need to make 5 items from the "Equipment" tab of your crafting menu.
    Any item from this tab counts, not just actual weapons but various kinds of arrows, materials and armor as well.
    The first recipe for a special type of arrow called "Muck Wasp Arrow" I have found is located high inside the Tooshoo tree.The further you progress the more recipes and ingredients you will find so this shouldn't be too difficult.

  • Brew 50 potions or elixirs

    Basically this means crafting items from the "Alchemy & Food" tab of your crafting menu so it doesn't just include any potions but simple grilled meat as well.You should get a lot of that in the beginning as you fightmany wild animals and you don't need any ingredients except meat.

    Overall getting this achievement shouldn't take long.

  • Kill 100 enemies with magic

    This and the following achievement are easiest done with an all out mage character, but alternatively you can choose one of the 3 spell schools to support your melee or ranged fighting.

    Just develop one of them(I would suggest fire as it does the most damage) which should leave enough points to build a strong melee or ranged character.

    You should still try to get those kills out of the way early as you won't be able to avoid weakening your enemies by other means before switching to magic and this gets more tiresome the further you progress.

  • Kill 100 enemies with melee weapons

    This will likely be your first weapon specific achievement since you have a melee weapon from the beginning and only unlock ranged and magic attacks after a while.

  • Kill 100 enemies with ranged weapons

    If you're not building a ranged character, get this out of the way early and aim for the head right away to do "Marksman" and "Sniper" at the sime time.Or, if you want to get the headshot skill to help with the latter wait until you get that skill(see below) and then work on your ranged kills.

  • Sell 200 items

    This will come with ease, just pick up everything you can and sell whatever you don't need at the nearest merchant.

  • Cover more than 50Km on foot

    This will come over time, although there are teleporters you'll still have to do a lot of walking.

  • Reach Level 2

    See "Legend".

  • Reach Level 5

    See "Legend".

  • Reach Level 10

    See "Legend".

  • Reach Level 20

    See "Legend".

  • Legend



    Reach Level 30

    Even if you explore each area thoroughly and complete every quest you come across you'll still only be able to reach level 30 shortly before the final boss fight.So try to get as much experience as possible out of every situation.

    Most important is that whenever the game gives you multiple ways to reach an objective, you need to follow each one as far as possible, which should usually be shortly before fully completing that way.

    For example, in the city of Thorniara you will have to get into the king's castle and are offered 3 solutions to that problem.Accept all 3 quests and explore all areas that they lead to without quite reaching your goal.You will fight a lot more enemies and gain a lot more experience than if you just follow one path.

    You'll need 377.168 XP in total to reach level 30.

  • Complete the game on the hardest difficulty level

    There's no way around playing through the entire game on the hardest difficulty setting("Gothic"). Here's some advice, credit goes to N7 Johnny Clash :

    -You need the lightning spells to stun single enemies and keep them defenseless when attacking them or to buy time to escape.
    -Another invaluable help is investing at least 22 points into the "Discipline" branch of your skill tree, which gives you the ability to attack without stopping.This will take care of almost any single strong enemy since you'll trap them in an unlimited combo.
    -Also necessary is the strategic use of your ranged weapon.When you get attacked by more then 2 Strong enemies, draw your (cross-)bow, walk backwards and fire away(also works with groups of animals or undead).
    -Walking back without standing still also ensures you that you will not get hit by Melee Attacks, when you fight against mages or archers you can use the Melee combatants as cover from the projectiles(However they don't take damage from friendly fire).
    -Also keep in mind that the enemies don't follow you forever and above all they can't climb(you can even loose a boss, get out of combat and then to save in the middle of a boss fight).
    -In the dungeons near the end of the Game, just run like hell till you're out of there

  • Defeat 500 enemies

    Couldn't be simpler, mix it up with the melee, ranged and magic kills.
    500 kills wil come without any problems.

  • Defeat 1000 enemies

    Just 500 more, won't take too long on the way to complete everything else.
    While it's theoretically missable, you should even be able to find more than 1000 enemies if you just rush through the game.

  • Hoard 200`000 pieces of gold

    You need to have that amount in your wallet AT ONCE.To reach this goal you have to refrain from buying anything for the entirety of the game.You should find everything you need on your adventures and don't need to buy additional supplies.
    Then, once you reach the point before the final battle(*Spoiler* You'll be in the sea cliff monastery and have to jump down a hole to reach the end boss *Spoiler*), you'll have one final merchant.
    Simply sell EVERYTHING you have to him, this should give you enough gold.
    To get this one and "Master Chef" in the same playthrough, you have to keep a save file from Thorniara(see below).

  • Kill 300 enemies with magic

    See Battlemage.As opposed to the melee and ranged achievements this one remains the same as the previous one.You just need 200 more, it counts as long as an enemy dies through one of your spells.

  • Kill 100 enemies with flurries

    Not qute as simple as "Champion", you'll first have to unlock flurries in the "Discipline" branch of your skill tree.
    After you have invested at least 1 point there you'll see your weapon glow after the first strike.Hit when your weapon glows like that to execute a flurry, the timing can be tricky though.
    Be careful, as each flurry costs stamina and most enemies will survive one flurry and it will not count if the killing blow is a normal attack.

  • Sniper



    Kill 100 enemies with headshots

    To pull of a headshot you need to aim manually for this, you cannot use .
    To help with this achievement you can get a skill in the Precision branch of your skill tree(requires 18 points invested into that branch) that increases damage from headshots.
    Enemy casters and archers are the best targets for this as they will stand still while taking aim at you, giving you the opportunity to aim as well.When you're up against melee fighters, just wait until they gather up strength for a powerful swing, at which point they will be standing still as well.

  • Geek



    Obtain all other achievements

    Self explanatory, once you've earned all other achievements, you'll get this.

  • Kill 10 chickens in the game

    Look around and you should find 10 chickens pretty quick. Although all chickens in the game belong to somebody, killing them won't cause any trouble, someone might complain but that's all they're gonna do.

  • Consume 200 items

    Food, potions, bandages, anything that you can eat, drink or use in any other way to heal or buff yourself will count.If you got way too much food you can just eat it even if you are at full health especially when playing on a lower difficulty.

  • Complete all quests

    I got this achievement at the same time as "Forged by Destiny", having thoroughly explored every area and completed every quest I came across before this point.

    Assuming the achievement is not glitched, it apparently doesn't require you to do ALL quests but rather the MAJORITY of all quests.

  • Learn all recipes

    This includes all recipes from the Equipment and Alchemy & Food tabs of your crafting menu.You can gain recipes via various methods (finding, buying, quest reward) and often you can find one and the same recipe several times.If you try to learn a recipe you already know, the game will tell you so and prevent you from wasting it.

    Credit for the detailed information goes to Lucki88 :
    To make sure you get this you need to buy all the recipes from Mama Hooqua in the swamp as soon as you meet her and as you're nearing the endgame, keep a save file from somewhere in Thorniara(up to the moment shortly before entering Xardas' tower).

    That's because once you get to the final battle, revisiting all areas before the Sea Cliff Monastery will be impossible, but as long as you're still in Thorniara you can backtrack all the way to where you got off the boat with Diego and check with all merchants if they have any recipes you're still missing.
    For a complete list see II OE II 's great recipe guide.

  • Jump 1000 Times

    Press to jump, repeat 999 more times.
    This will come over time but if you want to have it fast just mash while running through the game. Be aware of cliffs and other places a fall would be especially painfull from, as jumping overcomes the safety that's usually in place, which prevents a dangerous drop.

  • Use beds or chairs for 60 minutes

    Since just sitting there isn't very exciting and beds and chairs don't serve any real purpose, just find yourself a nice place to rest whenever you need to take a break to go the bathroom, eat something or whenever you go away and can afford to leave your xbox running until it pops up.

  • Obtain all ancient relics


    These relics have a weird "Y"-shape as you see in the achievement picture.They are directly visible and not inside a chest or any other sort of container.

    As soon as you pick up your first one, you will get a quest that keeps track of how many of the 30 relics you have collected so far("Ancient Relics").

    Note that there's a fourth kind of collectable, the shards of a runestone(quest:"The forgotten graves") but those aren't related to any achievement.

    All collectables are missable which means you need to pick up everything in each area before moving on to the next.
    For detailed locations see ponypo2001 's awesome collectables guide.

  • Obtain all Innos statuettes


    These statuettes look like a typical iconic idol, depicting Innos, the god of light and order.There are 30 of them as well, the quest keeping track is called "The Statuettes of Lord Dominique".

    Note that there are also "Golden Innos Statuettes", however these are not required for the achievement and are simply meant to be sold for profit.

    For detailed locations see ponypo2001 's awesome collectables guide.

  • Obtain all Beliar artifacts

    These artifacts look like a horned demon skull representing the dark god of chaos, Beliar.

    As with the other collectables, 30 of them are spread throughout the game world.The quest "Hatred's Reaper" counts each artifact you pick up.

    For detailed locations see ponypo2001 's awesome collectables guide.

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