- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 40 [1000gs.png]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 8-10 hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: None [free roam after completion]
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No - can play on Easy for all achievements
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None

Welcome to Archvale, an isometic action adventure game in the vein of the original Legend of Zelda, but with more of a bullet hell nature when it comes to fights. This game also has a bit of RPG elements to it in the sense that you'll constantly be on the lookout for new and improved gear to make you stronger. On top of that, the game is procedurally generated to an extent - the world map layout and number of tiles will be unique to your playthrough. However, pretty much everything that you need in the game is relatively fixed, at least in the region it's in. Like many games of this type, it might feel a little more challenging in the beginning, but it'll quickly get easier as you find better weapons and armor, and as you upgrade your weapons. Let's get started.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
As noted in the Overview, difficulty doesn't impact achievements, so feel free to play on Easy. Even on Easy, you'll still need to be careful not to get overwhelmed, so don't hesitate to play on Easy.

There are no missable achievements, and nothing that is easier done at certain time (surprisingly no combat related achievements at all), so feel free to dive right in. However, the simplest thing you can screw up and make the game much harder (because it doesn't tell you or give you guidance) is what order to tackle each region in. If you go to the "wrong" area, you might find yourself struggling, but not until it's too late. For example, I went to the Pine Peaks (southeastern) region second, and was able to kill enemies without much issue, but then really struggled with the dungeon boss. It turns out that's supposed to be the fifth area, and I had no idea. So, here is the order you're supposed to progress, so you don't find yourself underpowered:
  1. Cradlewood
  2. Amberpath
  3. Crabclaw Chasm
  4. Dustcrag
  5. Murkmire
  6. Pine Peak
  7. Twisted Caverns
  8. Tanglegrove
  9. Brinkreef
  10. Molten Rift
Now, with that being said, that doesn't mean you should avoid other regions entirely. For example, after getting through Amberpath, feel free to explore around all of the overworld tiles. If you can comfortably beat enemies and progress, do so. Just don't do the dungeons out of order, as the bosses will be much tougher. Exploring the overworld ahead of time can give you some really good gear before you're supposed to have it, making the dungeons and bosses actually much easier. For example, I went into Molten Rift  right after Twisted Caverns, found a weapon in a chest and got enough resources to make a really strong helmet and armor, and I was untouchable for the next three dungeons. I would actually recommend exploring as much of the overworld as you're capable of doing, before tackling the next dungeon. It'll make sure you have better gear, more money to buy better stuff, more defense boosts from fountains, etc.

With that out of the way, here are some general tips that'll make your playthrough easier, more efficient, and make some achievements easier:
  • Always explore every tile of the overworld AND the dungeons. The overworld contains trials (that give you more badges), chests (that give you good gear for that region), world bosses (that give you heart contains and upgrades), Mega Plums (which are used to upgrade your healing potions), and more broken fountains (that give you permanent defense boosts). Dungeons contain Mega Plums as well, sometimes a permanent attack upgrade, and at least one or two treasures that you can turn in for money.
  • Speaking of money, it'll quickly become the most important resource for you. You'll notice breakable objects in each screen. Sometimes they drop money. A quick tip to save you time is that either every box on a screen gives you money, or none does. So, break one box. If it gives money, then break all boxes on that screen to get money from them all. If it doesn't give you money, ignore all other boxes on that screen because they're all empty.
  • Also when it comes to money, the first thing you should do every time you get to a new area is make a beeline for the town (bigger white square) and immediately head to the Bank. Activate it to increase how much money you can store there, and always store the maximum amount so you're always building up to Fortune (20G). Try to minimize how much money you carry with you. This is because you can spend money directly from the Bank (you never need to withdraw it). On top of that, if you die, you lose half of the money you're carrying. Money in the Bank isn't affected. It's therefore in your best interest to always keep your money in the Bank and never on you. In the beginning the Bank won't hold much and you'll likely always have too much to store there. Better to spend the excess rather than risk losing it.
  • Speaking of spending money, it'll be harder to come by in the beginning, so I recommend only spending money on heart containers (from the little guy merchant) in each town, and then a couple badge capacity upgrades too. This will make surviving much easier. I don't recommend spending money on gear, since you can craft stuff of equivalent quality, and find good or better stuff in chests.
  • Store stuff in the town chest often, so you're never at max capacity in your inventory. There's no reason to ever max out. After leaving a region, take all of the resources you got in that region (for example, iron ore in the beginning) and transfer it into the chest so it isn't in your inventory. Do this with the gear and resources from each previous region so you're always making room for new stuff. You should never need to carry four weapons on you (I would typically have one of each type), and should easily have 5-10 inventory spots available. I typically kept one or two extra rings with me depending on the situation (such as one for fights against mobs and one for bosses).
  • Regarding crafting stuff at the anvil, crafting is a good source of higher level gear, as each time you head through a new region of the overworld, you'll be able to collect new resources from that region, and therefore be able to craft new gear with those new resources. So, every time you head to a new town, you should always check out what new gear you can make. I highly recommend always crafting the next best head and chest armor you can make, to keep your defense up. This is because each region contains a few chests that each have a new weapon in them. So, you'll get new weapons naturally from chests, but armor only comes from buying it or crafting it. Therefore, focus your crafting on armor so you don't waste money unnecessarily
  • Change up your badges depending on the situation. For example, I had one set of badges I'd use for exploration to fight mobs, but then an entirely different set for bosses. Just remember that there's no point changing badges until you reach a fountain
That's really all you need to know. If you explore every tile of the overworld and each dungeon, you will unlock just about every single achievement naturally. You'll find all Mega Plums to fully upgrade your health potions, you'll find all treasures in dungeons to turn them in, you'll find all world bosses, all heart containers, all health potions, etc. There are no secrets or hidden areas to worry about, so it's really only "?" tiles that you need to be concerned with. Tiles without a question mark are just enemy fights, and have nothing else of interest.

Once you've gotten all arch pieces, now is a good time to mop up any miscellaneous achievements you're missing. There's a pretty good chance you'll need to grind out crafting, because I didn't craft anywhere near 30 things naturally. You can get Reject Humanity (20G) at the same time. You may also need to get Star Athlete (10G), unless you got it inadvertently. Also, if you didn't get This Will Do (10G), you definitely want to fully upgrade your best weapon before the final boss battle to make it easier. Refer to any other achievements you may be missing, and mop them up.

With that all done, head to the final dungeon (in the northwest) to fight the final boss and beat the game, wrapping up this completion.

Archvale is a pretty simple but really fun game. Combat is pretty basic but still fun dodging enemies and taking them down. None of the bosses really stand out, but it's still an enjoyable experience from start to finish, like most RPGs, building up your gear to get stronger and stronger builds. Once you get strong, most of the game becomes pretty quick and easy to get through, but I would say the time to complete is just right for this type of game. Hopefully you didn't get stuck grinding at all, and congrats on another completion.
[XBA would like to thank Necrophage33 for this Roadmap]

Archvale Achievement Guide

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There are 40 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Find the village of Timberwell.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    This will be your first achievement.
  • Die.

    As the description says, die for the first time. This will almost assuredly happen naturally.

    Note that you lose half of the money you're carrying when you die, so be sure to always keep your money in the Bank to avoid losing it.
  • Vigor



    Own 8 hearts.

    Refer to Feeling Healthy (30G) for more information.
  • Collect all Heart Containers.

    Heart containers are obtained from three sources:
    • Dungeon bosses - Each boss you defeat at the end of each dungeon will drop a heart container to pick up
    • World bosses - Each world boss you defeat will drop a heart container. Because the overworld layout is randomized, there's no way to show where each world boss is, but exploring each world tile will ensure you find each world boss to beat
    • Shops - Each shop in each town sells one heart container. Each time you discover a new town and talk to the shop owner, it'll add another heart container to the list (meaning you don't need to revisit each shop in each town to buy the heart container from each of them)
    So, beat all the dungeons, explore all the world tiles to beat all the world bosses, and visit each town to buy all the heart containers, and you'll unlock this achievement.
  • Repair 10 fountains.

    Fountains that are repaired are the ones you encounter in the overworld. When you interact with them, they'll give you a defense upgrade. They're marked with "?" tiles, like all points of interest.

    There are way more than 10 in the overworld (easily 30 of them), so you will unlock this achievement relatively early during your exploration.
  • Obtain an improved healing recipe.

    Refer to Nectar of the Gods (20G) for more information.
  • Obtain the best potion recipe.

    Potion recipe upgrades are obtained in Fairreach, the second town of the game, by giving the chef on the left side Mega Plums. There are a total of six upgrades available in the game, and all are needed for this achievement. However, you do NOT need to collect every single Mega Plum in the game to get all recipe upgrades. There are around three extra.

    Like all things on the map, there in random locations, so I can't provide locations of where to find each. Each one is on a tile all by itself though (no enemies or anything else). So, explore all overworld tiles AND dungeon tiles (you can always find one in each dungeon) to make sure you get enough to get all the potion upgrades. Once you have the sixth upgrade and unlock this achievement, you can ignore any Mega Plums you find. They just take up inventory space.
  • Collect all healing flasks.

    Healing flasks are found the same way as heart containers, minus buying them from Shops. Refer to Feeling Healthy (30G). Dungeon bosses and world bosses drop healing flasks, so just pick them all up when you defeat them to unlock this achievement.
  • Complete your first trial.

    Refer to Trial Master (50G) for more information.
  • Complete every trial.

    Trials are all located in the overworld on random tiles. They're pedestals with a blue crystal on top. Interacting with it takes you to plant in space. Press the button in front of you, and you need to collect the crystals while dodging projectiles. There are three waves for every trial. Getting hit resets the current wave only, not the whole thing. You can't attack, and you don't lose health. You just need to move around, dodge, and dash to avoid projectiles while you collect the crystals. There is no time limit, so take your time and make sure you don't get hit. I actually liked to be fast at the start of a wave, grabbing at least two crystals before the projectiles start, and then be careful for the next few. Remember, you can dash through projectiles without getting hit, so use that to your advantage on some of the trials that are a little more chaotic.
  • Complete half of your badge collection.

    Refer to A Complete Set (150G) for more information.
  • Collect every badge.

    There are two sources of badges in this game: Trials and Badge Shops

    You need to complete all trials in the overworld for Trial Master (50G) anyway, so you'll unavoidably get all trial badges. You'll then need to also buy every badge that the badge vendor sells. His list grows every time you get to a new town, meaning you don't need to go back to every town to buy all badges there. Just visit him anywhere and buy them all. You'll need a lot of money to buy them over. Easily over 10,000. You should therefore be depositing all of your money at the Bank first, to unlock Fortune (20G), before you start spending it on the badges at the shop.

    If you need more money after completing everything else, you're unfortunately stuck grinding. In my opinion, the Twisted Caverns are the best source of money. Equipt the badge that makes enemies drop extra coins, and go through this region again. There are tons of boxes in rooms, meaning you'll get money relatively quickly. Go through the tiles, reset at a fountain, and then repeat until you have enough.
  • Perform five consecutive dashes without stamina recharging.

    As far as I know, there are only two ways to get this:
    • Get the badge that gives you an extra dash, and a ring that gives you +1 stamina, and equip both so you can dash five times in a row
    • Dash into water five times in a row
    The latter method can be done right from the start of a game. Falling in water only does a miniscule amount of damage, so there's no danger of dying. Just find water in any of the regions and dash into it until this unlocks. You may even do this inadvertently during one of the platforming sections in a dungeon.
  • Cash in 10 treasures.

    Treasures are essentially collectibles that are only found in dungeons. There are only a set amount of them (around 12 or so), so you'll need to find almost all of them for this achievement. The second town, Fairreach, has a treasure collector who will pay you for them. So, during each dungeon, you'll want to go to each tile to explore and find any treasure(s) within. None of them are hidden. If a tile has a treasure, there will be an obvious chest. Due to the randomized nature of the layouts in this game, there isn't a way to provide a guide of where each treasure is, but as long as you uncover each tile in each dungeon, you'll definitely find at least ten for this achievement. Just make sure you always have inventory space available (there's no reason not to) when you head to a dungeon, so you always have room for the 1-3 treasures you might find there.
  • Craft 30 items.

    Crafting can be done at the anvil in almost every town, and requires resources you'll find in the world tiles of each region. Enemies will drop some resources, and others are found by breaking appropriate objects in each regions (such as piles of rock, in many regions). You should be smashing up all of the resources you find as you explore the overworld, and you'll likely get many without trying, because you'll end up breaking and collecting them while fighting enemies.

    Crafting is a good source of higher level gear, as each time you head through a new region of the overworld, you'll be able to collect new resources from that region, and therefore be able to craft new gear with those new resources. So, every time you head to a new town, you should always check out what new gear you can make. Personally, I always focused on crafting the next best head and chest armor I could make, to keep my defense up. This is because each region contains a few chests that each have a new weapon in them. So, you'll get new weapons naturally from chests, but armor only comes from buying it or crafting it. Therefore, focus your crafting on armor.

    If you're like me, you'll likely find that you don't craft anywhere near 30 items during the natural course of the game. However, you'll likely find you constantly have an abundance of resources, especially ones from regions you've long since passed, and whose gear is not a viable level anymore. What you can do then is craft the same low level gear over and over to use up your old resources. This both progresses this achievement and gets old resources out of your inventory, since you'll never used them anyway. Just discard all of the low level gear you craft to make room for more. By the time you're done with everything else, you should have a huge amount of resources to be able to grind out however many more things you need to craft for this achievement.
  • Fully upgrade a weapon.

    Upgrading a weapon can only be done in the second town, Fairreach. The blacksmith is located directly up from the shops and bank, in a separate area by himself. You can upgrade any weapon in the game five times, with it getting progressively more expensive. This achievement requires you to upgrade any weapon five times.

    I recommend not doing this until late game, when you have a final really strong item. For example, I did it after getting a weapon Molten Rift, the final area. If you fully upgrade an earlier weapon, you're likely just wasting money, since you'll assuredly find a better weapon in a chest in the next region or two.
  • Store over 10000 gold in the bank.

    Each town, aside from the very first one, has a Bank you can activate, and each one you activate increases how much money you can store there. You'll need to activate every Bank in the game to raise its capacity up to 10000 gold, so you won't be able to unlock this achievement until you reach the town in the final region, Molten Rift.

    In terms of amassing gold, you should firstly always be banking all of your money. Every time you reach a town, immediately activate the Bank and store all of your money. Early on in the game, you'll assuredly always have too much money to fit it all in the Bank. Later, you'll be increasing its capacity by the thousands, and should be able to fit whatever you're carrying. There's literally no downside to banking your money - you can spend money directly from the bank (you don't need to withdraw it or anything). Any money you're carrying can be lost if you die, so bank everything you can at all times.

    If you spend your money wisely and don't spend it on badges and weapon upgrades until after you get this achievement, you shoudl have no problems amassing 10000 gold. I am going to estimate that I collected a cumulative total of around 20000 gold in my entire playthrough, and that was without any grinding for any reason. So, you have some freedom to spend money, which I recommend doing on heart containers and badge capacity upgrades in each town. Don't waste money on anything from the supply shop (you'll find good weapons in the overworld regions, and you can craft better armor than he sells), and don't buy badges from the badge shop until after you get this achievement.

    If you do need to grind out money for this achievement, in my experience, the best area is the Twisted Caverns (far west). There are tons of boxes in each room, so once you find one with money, you'll get a good amount. Also, while grinding, be sure to equip the badge that increases the amount of gold enemies drop, as this will significantly improve how quickly to amass money. I actually kept this badge equipped for most of my playthrough so I was always flush with money.
  • Defeat 1000 enemies.

    This is cumulative across your entire playthrough, and will actually unlock quite early. You should easily unlock this before the halfway mark, because defeating enemies is required to be able to move to the next tile.
  • Defeat the Great Slime.

    Refer to Slayer of Slime II (10G) for more information.
  • Defeat Mongo.

    Refer to Slayer of Slime II (10G) for more information.
  • Defeat the Ghost Crab.

    Refer to Slayer of Slime II (10G) for more information.
  • Defeat the Soul Serpent.

    Refer to Slayer of Slime II (10G) for more information.
  • Defeat the Queen Duneworm.

    Refer to Slayer of Slime II (10G) for more information.
  • Defeat Frankenslime.

    All of these bosses listed are world bosses, meaning they are found on a random tile in the overworld. It is therefore impossible to provide a screenshot of where to find each boss. However, if you uncover all tiles in the overworld, you will unavoidably find each world boss.

    In terms of beating them, they are all quite simple and pose much less of a threat than the dungeon bosses, so if you're strong enough to beat the dungeon, you can beat the world boss(es) of that region with ease. The only one that poses any sort of a challenge is the Soul Serpent. This is because it may not be immediately obvious why your attacks don't damage it. For some reason, it's the only enemy/boss in the game where you need to first make it vulnerable. You need to destroy the four blue flowers in each of the four corners of the arena to make it vulnerable, and even then you only have a brief window to damage it before it becomes invulnerable again. It also shoots tons of projectiles, so you'll be dashing around a lot, and likely making heavy use of your healing potions too.

    For all the rest of the bosses, I was able to just wail away on them with melee weapons, tanking most of the damage but dashing whenever I could to avoid damage, and I never even came close to dying on any of these world bosses.
  • Complete the Arena Challenge.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    In the final region of Molten Rift, you won't be able to access the dungeon until you complete the Arena Challenge. This is located in the town of this region. Head directly north in the town up a path to a doorway leading to the Arena Challenge.

    Here, you'll need to survive five waves of enemies, projectiles, and rocks crashing down. It's not too difficult, as long as you've been thorough up until this point and have many healing flasks that are fully upgraded (ensuring you can quickly heal back to full health after each wave).
  • Enter the Twisted Caverns.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Literally walking from the Crabclaw Chasm into the Twisted Caverns region unlocks this achievement. There's nothing in your way.
  • Destroy the vine barrier blocking Tanglegrove.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    You'll likely come across this green vine barrier blocking your path as you explore in the east. You'll need to come back once you're stronger, as the only way to destroy the vine barrier is to do enough damage to the green orb fast enough before it heals. Weapons you find from chests in Twisted Caverns should be strong enough. What you'll also need to do is drop a bomb with button-b.png so it explodes while you're attacking it, to add to the damage.
  • Equip a shark cap and mermaid tail.

    This won't be possible until you reach the second-last region of the game, Brinkreef. As you explore this region, uncovering all world tiles and getting to the dungeon, you'll assuredly get enough resources naturally to be able to craft both of these items. You can craft them in any town once you have the necessary resources, which are located only in the Brinkreef region of the overworld. Craft each item (they're very low on the list of craftable gear) and then equip each to unlock this achievement. Feel free to throw them both away then, since they're both far worse than gear you likely already have.
  • Survive the ritual of the Molten Rift.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    To get from Twisted Caverns into the final region, Molten Rift, you'll walk into a tile, get trapped between two gates, and projectiles will shoot at you over and over for a few seconds. There's literally nothing you can do to avoid damage here (dashes are disabled). This is just a check to make sure your defense is high enough to go to the final region. I actually came here early (right after Twisted Caverns, instead of as my last region) and not only did I survive but I only lost a few hearts (I still had easily seven remaining), so as long as you're keeping up with new gear from each region and are exploring the overworld tiles to repair all fountains and get all the defense boosts, this should be no problem.
  • Defeat Maxilla.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Maxilla is the boss of the first dungeon you reach, in Cradlewood.
  • Defeat the Fallen Pharaoh.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    The Fallen Pharaoh is the boss of the second dungeon, located in Dustcrag.
  • Defeat the Exiled Wizard.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    The Exiled Wizard is the boss of the third dungeon, located in Pine Peak.
  • Defeat Groveblight.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Groveblight is the boss of the fourth dungeon, located in Tanglegrove.
  • Defeat the Rotted King.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    The Rotted King is the boss of the fifth dungeon, which is a mini dungeon that is actually located within the town of Morelton in Twisted Caverns. Head up to the north to find the entrance.
  • Defeat the Banished Executioner.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    The Banished Executioner is the boss of the seventh dungeon, located in Molten Rift.
  • Defeat the Sunken Queen.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    The Sunken Queen is the boss of the sixth dungeon, located in Brinkreef.
  • Rebuild the gateway to Archvale.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    After obtaining all eight pieces of the Arch, head to the point on your map marked with a green eyeball (it is generally in the northwest, near Twisted Caverns). Dash across the pits (you can behind the building immediately to your left) until you reach a door covered with eyeballs. Interact with it to unlock this achievement.

Secret achievements

  • Assemble the Arch Lexicon.

    Note: While this achievement was previously missable, it no longer can be missed. It requires you to collect three Codex weapons and craft them into the Arch Lexicon. Previously, it was possible to accidentally throw away the Codeces needed and they'd be lost forever. However, the trash can icon is now disabled when interacting with these Codeces in your inventory. It's not possible to discard them anymore.

    This achievement requires you to obtain three Codeces, each located in the final three regions of the game: one in Tanglegrove, one in Brinkreef, and one in Molten Rift. Like all world items, they will appear on a random world tile. However, they are in treasure chests in the center of a tile, by themselves, so as long as you check each tile they're pretty much impossible to miss. Once you have all three, head to an anvil in any town and scroll all the way to the bottom of what you can craft to find the Arch Lexicon. Craft it to unlock this achievement.
  • Obtain Avarn's Sword.

    Note: This achievement was once listed as missable, but it no longer is. You can return to the location of this sword to pick it back up if you somehow miss it.

    Immediately after defeating the Banished Executioner at the end of the dungeon in Molten Rift, head up toward the exit to find a very obvious sword sticking out of a pile of gold. Interact with it to free it, then walk over it to pick it up, unlocking this achievement.
  • Defeat the Old King.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    This is the final boss of the game, accessed immediately upon rebuilding the Arch and entering it. It's actually technically three boss fights in a row, and is therefore more involved than the previous ones. You'll fight each one with a little dialogue break in between, but you won't get your health or flasks back. Make sure you're well prepared for this fight. You should definitely have maximum heart containers, maximum healing flasks, fully upgraded healing flasks, and all the defense upgrades from repairing all of the fountains around the overworld. You should also craft the best chest armor and helmet from the anvil with the materials you got in Molten Rift, if you haven't crafted them already. Also fully upgrade whatever you best/preferred weapon is, preferably to max level. Lastly, make sure you have your best/most applicable badges equipped, as well as your best/most applicable ring. The first and third phases/fights are pretty easy, in my opinion, because the hitbox of the boss is plenty big to hit continually, and the attacks aren't too bad to dodge. The second phase is the only one that's a real pain, because the hitbox is so small and he moves around so much, plus it's pretty chaotic with all of the projectiles on screen. If you can survive the second phase, the third will be a cakewalk.

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