You're a Star Achievement

  • You're a Star



    Collect 1 Extra Credit Star

    Of the ten categories presented to you at the start of the game, two will give you the opportunity to earn an Extra Credit bonus star. On these questions, in order to earn the bonus star, you must correctly answer the question without the use of one of your three cheats. The first time you accomplish this, you'll earn this achievement. The Extra Credit stars only appear in single-player games.
  • lover love luvv
  • I downloaded this as a trial and earned this achievement. When the game gave me the option to buy it I declined and kept playing (no achievement awareded). Now that I've bought the game I'm unable to earn this achievement even though I have all of the other achievements. Any ideas? I've cleared my xbox's cache, re-downloaded the game, deleted and recovered my gamertag all to no avail.
  • the same thing happened to me i can't get this f'ing achievement and I have all of the damn extra credit stars. Help!
  • That's what you get for buying a stupid game like that.
  • This also happened to me. I have all of the extra credit stars and all other achievements but this damn cheevo did not unlock. What do I do to fix this so I can have 100% for this game

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