Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
Offline: 12 (200)
Online: 0 (0)
Approximate amount of time to 200: 12 -15 hours
Glitched achievements: None
Do cheats affect achievements? No cheats.

Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? is a TV show in the U.S. that now has it's own game on the Xbox Live Arcade. It's also a UK show but it's called a different name and has a different host as well. You can obtain all 12 of these achievements offline, so there is really no need to play any online multiplayer unless you feel like it.

Note #1: If you're having trouble getting answers correct you can pause the game during a question and google the answer. Most of the questions are pretty easy but they're are some that can leave you stumped.

Note #2: If you need some additional help check out the Achievement Guide for
Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? written by fuzzy510. You can find that guide HERE.

Step 1:
First off if you have two controllers simply go and play a "Local Multiplayer" match and have the 2nd controller miss the first question. Now have your guy answer a few questions right and whenever you miss a question or if you win the $1 million you'll unlock the "Big Win" achievement. If you went all the way and won the $1 million then you should have also unlocked the "Smarter Than a 5th Grader" achievement, if you did not win it don't worry as you should get it later on.

Step 2:
After you do that multiplayer game go into a single-player game. Now in your first few single-player games you can easily obtain a couple of the games achievements. You can obtain the "You're a Star" achievement by simply answering an extra credit question. Every now and then a certain question will be an extra credit question and if you get it right you get a gold star. You can also get the "Fast Fingers" achievement. You'll need to get a question correct within 3 seconds so I would suggest answering a 1st or 2nd grade question as those are the easiest. The "Close Call" achievement could also be obtained in your first few games. You'll have to use the peak cheat and you'll need to choose an answer that your classmate did not choose. So if your classmate choses A, you'll need to choose B, C, or D and you have to get the answer right as well. Now if you did not win the $1 million in you first game you should unlock that achievement as well. If you did not win it don't worry about it as you'll have many more opportunities.

Step 3:
In total there are 105 extra credit stars. You will need to play the game a good bit and answer most of the questions correctly to get the rest of the extra credit achievements. You'll get an achievement for collecting 30, 70, and all of the extra credit stars. There is also an achievement for answer 500 questions correctly. That will also take some time but if you're going for the extra credit achievements you should get that achievement a little after you get those. Now to get the achievement for winning $1 million without cheating all you would need to do is not use any of the three cheats your given and if you are not sure on an answer google it or try to find the answer somewhere. There is no time limit on the questions so take your time. To get the achievement for winning $1 million under 5 minutes you will need to skip over the Jeff Foxworthy talking parts as those count towards the 5 minute timer, as do the kids walking back and forth to the podium and if you pause the game that also counts towards the 5 minute timer. Make sure you use your cheats wisely as this is basically a luck achievement. There is really no real method to getting this achievement.

The last achievement in this game is for winning $1 million on Jeff Foxworthy's birthday, which is September 6th. Now you can change the date on your 360 to September 6th as long as you're not connected to Xbox Live, or you can do what I'll do and just wait until September 6th rolls around and get the achievement then. That does it for this Road Map.

[x360a would like to thank Bishop24 for this Road Map]

Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Collect 1 Extra Credit Star

    Of the ten categories presented to you at the start of the game, two will give you the opportunity to earn an Extra Credit bonus star. On these questions, in order to earn the bonus star, you must correctly answer the question without the use of one of your three cheats. The first time you accomplish this, you'll earn this achievement. The Extra Credit stars only appear in single-player games.
  • Collect 30 Extra Credit Stars

    Continue to play single-player games to earn more chances at Extra Credit questions. If you correctly answer both Extra Credit questions in every game you play, this achievement should unlock during your 15th game.
  • Collect 70 Extra Credit Stars

    Continue to play single-player games to earn more chances at Extra Credit questions. If you correctly answer both Extra Credit questions in every game you play, this achievement should unlock during your 35th game.
  • Collect all of the Extra Credit stars

    Each of the 21 subjects in the game has five Extra Credit stars available to be earned, meaning that you must earn a total of 105 Extra Credit stars for this achievement. You can track your progress by viewing the Extra Credit option in the main menu.
  • Get 500 answers correct

    Without a doubt, this is the most tedious achievement in the game. Just keep playing games in single-player and answer questions correctly, and eventually this achievement will unlock.
  • Get an answer correct in under 3 seconds

    This can be a tricky achievement to get simply because it can take longer than 3 seconds just to read a question and the four answer choices. However, if you're not afraid to potentially fail out a couple of times, you can simply pick an answer at random without reading the question and hope that you guessed correctly. Using this method, you've got a 25% chance at getting the achievement on your first try, and should by your fourth try unless you're unlucky.
  • Peek at your classmate's paper but don't follow

    To unlock this achievement, you must use your Peek cheat, allowing you to see your classmate's response, answer something different from what your classmate responded, and still get the question correct. The easiest way to ensure this is to take note of what subject your 5th Grade-level questions are in and select a classmate who has neither of these subjects listed as one of their favorites. Most likely, if you peek at their response, it will be incorrect. Simply answer the question correctly, and you'll have this achievement.
  • Win One Million Dollars in any game

    This is the most straightforward achievement in the game. Simply answer the ten multiple choice questions given to you and the open-ended Million Dollar question to win the game and unlock this achievement. Each question is untimed, so if you run into trouble, consult Google for help on a question. Also, make certain to pay attention to which subjects are your classmates' favorites - should you need to use your cheats, you'll have a much better chance of being helped if the question you're answering is from one of your classmate's favorite subjects.
  • Win One Million Dollars without cheating

    In each game, you are given three cheats - Peek, allowing you to look at your classmate's answer and use it as advice, Copy, which will cause you to go along with whatever your classmate answered, and Save, which will allow you to continue if you get an answer wrong if your classmate gets the answer correct. To unlock this achievement, you must win a game without using any of these cheats. If you have trouble with this, remember that you can take as long as you need to consult any outside help to find the answers you need.
  • Win One Million Dollars in under 5 minutes

    If you find yourself struggling with some of the more difficult questions, you're going to need to get a little lucky for this one. Under 5 minutes includes the time that Jeff Foxworthy spends talking, the time spent as classmates walk to and from the podium and - most importantly - any time that you spend pausing the game. Start with the more difficult questions, so that if you flunk out, you won't have invested too much time. Some of the higher difficulty questions are noticeably easier than others, so just keep trying until you get a set of questions you can manage. Also, realize that most of the animations can be skipped by pressing , so if you're running short on time, there's no need to watch every animation.
  • Come first in a multiplayer game

    Very straightforward achievement. You can get this achievement by either winning an online multiplayer game or by winning a local multiplayer match so long as you have multiple controllers connected. The game will allow you to use just one controller for a local multiplayer match, but doing so will disable achievements. Also, if you do try and get this achievement online, it is to your benefit to drop out as soon as you have the victory in hand. If your opponents quit early, you will not get credit for the win.
  • For me to know and you to find out

    This achievement is earned by winning One Million Dollars on Jeff Foxworthy's birthday, which happens to be September 6. Use the strategies that you used for "Smarter Than a 5th Grader" to be able to win the million. As far as the date is concerned, if you don't happen to be playing on September 6, you can change the date on your console and get this to work as long as you are not connected to Xbox Live at the time.

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