Master Bomber Achievement

  • Master Bomber



    Kill 100 monsters using exploding vases.


    This requires that you kill 100 enemies via exploding a vase rather than hitting them. While there are plenty of vases throughout the game, if you need to grind this the first two levels are perhaps easiest because the enemies are weaker.

    The best approach is to not hit the enemies at all. Merely gather some enemies around you and then go hide behind the nearest vase. The enemies will hit and ignite the vase trying to get to you, and the subsequent explosion will damage or kill them. 

    The achievement will pop after the 100th kill.

  • This is from em0rox found in the forums. Just thought I would post it here so it would be easier to find. Instead of hitting the vases yourself just lure the enemies and let the them hit the vases and blow up so you won't risk accidently killing the enemies when you are at higher levels. Is much easier and faster.
  • Thanks allot for that tips, I'm happy I read it before I started :)
  • Just find one of the egg sacs in the dungeons and let the little spiders follow you to an explosive.
  • This didn't take as long as I thought, replay the first 3 levels and you can sometimes get 3/4 at a time.
  • Awesome I got this one in less then an hour using these tricks

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