Snake Slayer Achievement

  • Snake Slayer



    Finish the game by beating the Gorgon.


    Going into the mission, try and have the max amount of mana potions and AE potions. With the warrior this was pretty easy. Once you get to the Gorgon apply invincibility if you have it. Once it's applied start hacking away. Once you're invincibility's up either drink some mana and activate it again or drink some AE and go into AE form. Hack away with AE until the Gorgon's done.

    This achievement has been confirmed to unlock at two different spots. 1. At the stat screen after the small cutscene. 2. Right when you kill the Gorgon.

  • To get to the Gorgon, you have to get by Typhon in the previous level. Bad programming made him get stuck doing his ranged attacks, so I found a solution elsewhere: once he is finished spraying the water, jump out and hit him so he moves. It won't hurt him, but after you do it several times he'll launch another ground attack where you CAN hurt him. To enable hitting him, you can stand in the far right (facing the water) corner and not get touched by any attacks. Far left will probably also work...
  • Don't worry I did this as a Level 17 Archer piece of cake. In fact the boss prior to this one is harder. Saver your pots you should be fine.
  • I am looking to do this. I am currently level 11 warrior class. If you can help me, send me a message on Xbox Live. Aversion X

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