Rookie Achievement

  • Rookie



    Awarded for joining a team.

  • Hopefully this means more then 1 team like in For Answer.
  • It's more like you can't play if you don't join a team...
  • So this is the give me about time they make am easier achievement for an AC game..
  • Thinking of buying this but I wonder if it is online only or what the deal is?
  • You get this achievement after completing the introduction section, controls, combat etc. You'll then have to choose a name for your Team. (guess that makes you its leader) the achievement will unlock and then you get a message informing you that the servers have been terminated and any associated online achievements are now unobtainable.. Given that this game is only 2 years old that seems like a pretty short server life to me. I'm more annoyed that I've now got this opening achievement but have no possibility of actually completing the title to 1000, moreover I cannot delete it from game history and pretend it never happened. If you see this on a sale and think "hmm I might like that" be aware that at the time of writing the online achievements cannot be completed.

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