Retirement Savings Plan Achievement in Army of Two (EU)

  • Retirement Savings Plan



    Earn one billion dollars in total in ranked matches.

  • How to unlock Retirement Savings Plan

    Earn $1,000,000,000 in ranked games online. Good teamwork and knowledge of the maps can net each player a few million dollars every 10 minutes. Collecting minor objectives is a good and efficient way to boost your earnings.

    For help on this, check this thread.

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  • pain in the arse achievement what takes ages to get, get it before ea takes the servers offline
  • in need two more people if someone wants to boost this but i dont know how to go into ranked matches to boost but if you know and would like to do this just send me a FR dont forget i have the EU edition so if you are american we cannot do this you must be british and have a mic also GT: F34R X L3G3ND
  • To play ranked matches you just have to go to versus mode and press Y to toggle between unranked and ranked. (Look at the right hand bottom corner of the screen.)
  • Hi is anyone up for some boosting? add me my gamertag is IamMelody
  • GT: MASTERCHEATZ930 I need help with this achievement.
  • I'm online today if anyone needs this just add me I need to people to help message me if you are in
  • servers ae down :( ea could have just reset the scores on the chievs but no just cant get them what a pile of excrement why not just keep a small server open they make enough money off us its the least they could do

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