Two Eyes are Better Than One Achievement

  • Two Eyes are Better Than One



    Kill 5 enemies total using Co-op Snipe.


    This can be done as early as Somalia. After killing Mo'Alim, you are asked to clear out the street so the chopper can land. Clyde will hint to you that you should use Co-op snipe to take out the gas tank; don't do this! Get into a good position near the back of the street, enter co-op snipe, and take out 5 guards to get the achievement. Do not press to cancel out of it as you cannot enter back into Co-op snipe mode after that.

  • Easiest place to do this is the area where Phillip Clyde tells you to use your Co-Op snipe to blow up a gas tank to take out two guards (one of the earliest missions). (Preferably using a buddy) take out the two guards as Clyde suggests, then NOT EXITING SNIPER MODE continue to kill baddies until you obtain the achievement.

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