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    Fully customize a weapon with 6 customizable parts or more


    To customize a weapon, you must go into your armory and choose the weapon you want to customize by pressing on it. Then you can customize 8 different parts of it, but you only need to do 6 for this achievement. You can change parts that are free, or that remove a part of the weapon and it will still count as a customized part.

    The quickest and cheapest way to do this is to use the M4 and change;

    Stock, Standard to Folded Standard - Free
    Magazine, Standard to Extended - $3,500
    Sight, Handle to None - Free
    Under Mount, None to Foregrip - $2,500
    Side Mount, None to Rail Magazine - $3,500
    Barrel, Standard to Assault - $2,000

    Thanks to 'gomillerd' for the video.

  • This is my rifle, this is my gun.
  • Would have been a better name yeah. :P
  • I love the weapon customisation in these games! I spent ages in 40th day just messing around with the parts!
  • @2: Halo 4 just used it...
  • Fully customize a weapon with 6 parts or more? If more parts can be added, it's not fully customized with 6 parts. Just a thought.
  • This one is fairly easy. Just customize it!

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