Double Trouble Achievement

  • Double Trouble



    200 targets killed in double Overkill


    For a description on how to gain Overkill and what it means, refer to the description for 'Overkiller', above.

    Double Overkill, is when you and your partner both activate Overkill at the same time. You will know when this has happened, as it will appear on-screen informing you. To perform a double Overkill, wait until you both have the ability ready to use then activate it at the same time. If you are playing with a human partner, you both need to press at the same time to activate double Overkill, but if you are playing with an AI partner, you need to press for your own Overkill and for your partners overkill.

    After you have killed 200 enemies in double Overkill, this achievement will unlock. The kills, again, are cumulative.

  • Just for clarification, this is when you and your partner both activate your Overkill. This does not need to be done in 1 activation, it's accumulative. When playing solo just press down on the dpad and LB when your partner and you both have full overkill. When playing co-op, both hit LB at same time with full overkill both.
  • Easiest when playing with the computer partner. Look for his orange overkill icon and activate yours in sync with his in an area with lots of enemies.
  • For further clarification: If you dont fire up the overkill-mode fully synchronised, the kills do not count for "Double Trouble" (but for "Overkiller" or "Moocher"). If both overkills are started right, ALL the count-down-squares on the right side are more red than orange.
  • hum okay how come i got 277 kill in double overkill counted in my stats but still not chivo unlocked ?
  • the_ ricki i have the same problem as you ┬┤even deleted my 25 level profile and restarted the game and made 207 double overkills again and no achievement,is it gliched?
  • I dont think this avc. Is glitched, i think the stats show how many double kill you and your partner have done together, because I have 278 Double Kills When my avc pup up, So you Have to kill Your Self That 200 Kills... Enjoy Killing...
  • You're probably right, got 208 and no achiev. Friend got 338 and he got it
  • LB + Down to activate both at the same time! Had no probs
  • Yes... now i got 1000 gamerscore for this game... so no glitch on this game
  • It randomly gave me this achievement during a mission. I know for a fact I didn't kill 200 people in a double overkill...
  • To clarify on how to get this achievement. YOU personally have to get 200 kills in Double Overkill. The counter where you check to see how many you have counts for you and your AI partner. I personally did not get this achievement until the counter hit around 270-275. Hope this helps people who are having problems getting this achievement.
  • This is easiest to do in the Overkiller contract portion of the game. FYI
  • I got over 235 kills in DOUBLE OVERKILL and the Achievement never POPPED. How do I get them to give me the Achievement? Its the last one I need. WTF
  • I never give too much thought to the stats. Mine says 49 kills in Double Overkill, yet I got the achievement anyway after a long time, so no one should be thinking about the gameplay stats. They are a bit off, IMO.
  • I have found a great spot where I get around 10-15 kill in "Double Overkill Mode" but I have to obvs reload the checkpoint. Does this mean it will still count? + Where can I look at my stats?
  • CONFRONTATION 48. Salem on Trial....
  • The helicopter portion of Confrontation: Fish in a Barrel. Cover your partner and activate Double Overkill. Takes a few reloads but works very quickly.
  • Fish in a Barrel is pretty good. I'm going for DO kills, Melee and Brute Confrontations. I'm getting 20 DO, 10 Melee, and 2 BC for about five minutes of work. Not bad and it's fun too, so long as you can stand that Ahnold reference each time. And fyi: You MUST complete the chapter each time. Doesn't count if you dip out before the Results screen shows. So, NO to #15.
  • And Fish in a Barrel is under Assault, not Confrontation.
  • Anybody want to play this game co-op with me? Message me, GT: nutterbug

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