Moocher Achievement

  • Moocher



    200 targets killed in single Overkill (Triggered by your partner)


    For a description on how to gain Overkill and what it means, refer to the description for 'Overkiller', above.

    To unlock this achievement, you need to kill 200 enemies while in Overkill that your partner has triggered. If you are playing with a human partner, have them press when they have Overkill ready to activate and then proceed to kill as many enemies as you can. If you are playing with an AI partner, you can let them activate it on their own, or you can activate it yourself by pressing on the d-pad. You will know when it is ready to activate, as the map of the d-pad in the bottom left of the screen, will have the :down: button flashing orange. Repeat either of these until the achievement unlocks.

    These kills are also cumulative.

  • I got the one for triggering it myself in overkiller contract but this one didn't come up even though I've seen people get both on yt. Does it need to be co-op?
  • doesn't have to be in Co-Op. I unlocked playing a solo through insane difficulty. You just have to command your AI to use the overkill when it become active. Same with the Double Overkill achievement, except for the fact you have to activate both at the same time.
  • Why is it I can find 200 targets? Playing insane not ch. 20..still nothing...?
  • Does it have to be done in one go??
  • read the achievement guide. its carries over
  • You can select 'reload' checkpoint and it will save your kills. Did the end of mission 48 about seven times and it popped.

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