Look mom, I made it! Achievement

  • Look mom, I made it!



    Complete the game on Insane


    To unlock this achievement, you will need to beat the game on Insane difficulty. You must finish the game at least once on another difficulty, before Insane is unlocked. You can do this alone, with the AI or you can do it with a human partner, it is up to you. After finishing the final mission on Insane, the achievement will unlock.

    You will keep your rank and all of your purchases from your first playthrough and these will all help as you try to beat the game on insane.

    General tips for surviving Insane

    • Take your time. Do not rush through any part of the game, as you will only be killed quicker.
    • Make use of mid-long range weapons and try to avoid CQC as you will die very quickly being shot so close.
    • Play the game on Casual/Medium a few times to learn the levels so you are comfortable with where you are going and what you are doing.
    • Rank up as high as you can before tackling Insane, so that you have plenty of money to purchase any weapons and attachments that you may need.
    • If possible, make good use of the AI, as they have a lot more health than you, but do not let them do everything as they can still be wounded and you will likely die trying to revive them in combat.
    • Consider doing this with a human partner, as you can co-ordinate your attacks better.
    • Make good use of the cover system. You should always be in cover while in a firefight.
    • Be smart with your use of Overkill. Try to save it for when you are pinned down, or when you need to revive your partner. Don't waste it, using it just because you want easy kills, you may regret it when you need it.
  • Looks like this will be the hardest achievement, but co-op might make it easier. The other two games are pretty easy in co-op since the AI is beyond incapable of thinking.
  • I remember the last area on the 40th day was a right bastard, took me and my mate half a day to get up those stairs in the rain with all the heavies. First game was much easier. Anyway hopefully this is a decent challenge too, should be fun in co-op. Overall, easiest. Army of Two completion yet from the looks of it. And I don't have to read Nevander's bitching about MP for once. ;) x
  • will they change mom to mum for those of us that arent american or is it just going to stay like that on the achievements list
  • #3 Nope... Just accept it.
  • @4 it was a terrible attempt at sarcasm
  • @5, there should be a sarcasm font. I had no clue were you were going with that first comment. Way excited for this game. I don't have buddy to play this with, so hit me up if you want to go for this achievement. PsychoticMunkey
  • @6 what is sarcastic font by the way and cant wait to get the game
  • You have to complete the game before Insane difficulty is unlocked :/
  • Just a few more achievmements.. :D
  • bout to try this tomorrow with the AI, I blew through the game on medium with it, and also got 670 Gamerscore in the process, but I believe I can get 1000 out of this game depending on how difficult insane is.
  • i wanna do it on insane with a mate, now would it be possible for him to do it on easy and i do it on insane and i would get the achievement? or do we both need to be on insane for me to get it?
  • hey guys any suggestions on how to beat the second part to chapter 48 ? im stuck on the part where salem shoots the chunk out of the balcony. i can kill the 2 brutes and the 4 or 5 guys on the balcony no problem but once the guys come out from across the way i get ambushed by 1 or 2 from across the way, from behind and from the lower level and i cant make it to a safe place for cover. ive tried it about 46 times now and still stuck on ideas on how to beat it.
  • #12 save your grenades or get a grenade launcher attachment on one of your rifles. Took me a little bit to beat it took,actually the longest part of the game for me.
  • Update: Well I completed the game 1000/1000 Insane mode was really easy. The worst part was getting enough money to buy everything in the game. I really don't know how you are having any issues with it to be honest. But just be patient, stay behind cover always and also use left and right on the D-pad to make the AI shoot at the enemies so it will take the fire off of you. it allows you to advance up and shoot a few people before they notice you, rinse and repeat over and over until you beat it. pretty simple.
  • Need someone to play insane with for my achievement .im a really good gamer. GT: grab a munch
  • Me and my brother maxed this games 1000 points in 7 days this one is by far the hardest army of two to beat on insane and fighting El Diablo at the end was a huge pain on this difficulty
  • For people who are stuck with all missions on insane, do the last mission again on insane to get the achievement. ("Complete the game" on insane) I did it from mission 38, then from 1 till 37, but ut didn't unlock.
  • Flew through the campaign on insane, infact it was really easy. I suggest you do it on your own because bravo never goes down when your down he just gets you back up all the time. I did suffer some bullshit though. When I got to final boss takeing his elite soldiers down and then blowing up the final vehicle i did first try. I was chuffed to bits then the final ending was shown n i was expecting the achievement but instead it said that bravo died and had to try it again this time dying multiple times and takeing the sweet piss. Still did it again though. Stupid fucking game
  • so because my friend was on medium and didnt realize the hosts difficulty didnt carry over i have to redo the entire game to get this achievement... fucking awesome..
  • and i dont know what version you guys have but bravo is useless and stands out in the open and dies constantly on mine...
  • yeah insanity is like no last stand mode on most games with that difficulty
  • I just finish the last scene on insane, but after it say i am dead and have to restart ? Just need this to get the 1000 G. Its the end how can i die ?
  • i completed the game on insane but this didnt pop why ?
  • Found insane fairly easy to be honest,just take your time and take advantage of every overkill.Only one part drove me mad,near the end when you need to get to your partner who falls to a lower level,only way i managed it was make sure i had 2 overkills to use then literally run past all the enemies until you get to your partner then if you go down,he's there to heal you.
  • #18 - yeah the same thing happened to me too when playing the final mission. I was so annoyed/angry at being cheated like that. I replayed the mission and it finally went to the next cutscene with no further problem but still. This seems to be a bug in the game the game creators should've fixed. Telling me Bravo was killed when he wasn't.
  • I found the best way to beat the final mission on any difficulty is the m1 with explosive rounds and a muzzler u build ur Argo faster to destroy the truct and the explosive rounds knock down the brute after a few shots
  • Looking for somebody to play through with on insane, I need a pretty darn good player with a mic. GT= SWAT TOAD
  • Played the game only twice, since am a veteran on most shooters, did it co-op 1st on hard, always maintaining communication, and to get knowledge of the game levels. In our first attemps, all levels went down pretty easy, with very few times man down state, and this on hard. The game isn't that hard we tought. then we wnet for the 2nd game on - INSANE! For the 100G. We managed to get trough easy, of course the OK and partner coordination needs to be more accurate, also always stay into cover and stick together to manage reviving each other. The game was a bit more challenging in some key parts, where we got wounded a lot, but most of the time, all levels we passed flawlessly. Is a walk in the park. One good tip: equipe the MG40 with all the ammo you can and have at least one of the team a
  • will be on that on next day, add me if you unlucked insane difficulty and wanna do it!
  • i changed 4 partners to do this but got it !
  • It is also worth noting that if you try this in co-op, BOTH players need to be playing on Insane. You must select Insane INDIVIDUALLY on the mission menu. Also, if somebody joins your Xbox LIVE public game and they're not on Insane, you will have to do that mission again. On the mission menu you, you have the option to select any mission. On the right hand side, it should say "Biggest Pay", and under that, should be the difficulty you obtained it on. Use this as an indication to know which missions you have and have not completed on Insane. Alas, assuming you've already completed the final mission on Insane, but venture back to complete a mission that you have completed on a different difficulty, you will then have to redo the final mission on Insane. I hope this helps. Happy hunt
  • Looking to do this achievement GT:A Spoooky Kenny
  • Looking to do this message iEviLDoG
  • This was easy for me, if you want help just hit me up @Jordan IVIayers
  • Got this achievement pretty easily, if you're looking to do it, I recommend doing it on solo as the AI Bravo seems to have far more health than you do and can revive you pretty easily, also hang back with the sniper (I used the first one, along with the M4) and make good use of cover whenever you can. Pretty simple and not too strenuous, an easy 1K with a little grinding.
  • Yea doing it Solo with the AI is the way to go!
  • found a problem doing it in co-op. I had insane unlocked but my mate hadn't, I did it on insane but he only did it on hard so it only counts as me doing it on hard. Gotta redo the entire game all over again for this.
  • solo s the best way to do this.... i just got beat it on co-op on the kid (im guessing) had it on easy.... so not impressed
  • Solo it easiest way to do it your AI isn't totally retarded although I had to restart a few times because he kept getting killed by the boss
  • This is actually a lot easier than I thought it would be, definitely easier to solo it since the AI partner can take a lot more dmg before getting wounded
  • Played the entire game on "INSANE" but some people joined while their difficulty was on "MEDIUM". So now i need to do the full game again, and now on mission #25 the game won't continue while trying to rescue Cordova. Anyone knows what i can do?
  • Hi! I know it's been a while but I'm offering help with achievements of this game, so if somebody read this and need a hand, send me a message. I'll keep my x360 untill December of 2017. Gamertag is Weslunatic
  • Honestly, insane isn't that hard. I used a sniper rifle because it kills with one shot and I stayed behind cover a lot. If I got to much gun fire directed towards me I simply instructed my A.I. partner to draw fire on him, which then makes it easy to pick off enemies. I mainly used overkill if my partner was downed.
  • As a headsup to anyone playing the game still you can't have it beaten on insane if your partner is playing on an easier level difficulty. My wife was playing on easy while I was on insane and now I have to go through the whole damn game again...

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