Deep Pockets Achievement

  • Deep Pockets



    Buy all Weapons, Tattoos, Masks and Outfits


    This will likely be the final achievement that you will unlock as you will need to do multiple playthroughs to earn enough money to purchase everything. As well as the 30 guns and 19 outfits detailed above, you will need to purchase 22 tattoos and 56 masks.

    19 of the tattoos are readily unlocked from the beginning, but you will need to attain a certain rank to unlock some of them, before you can purchase them. You will need to reach at least rank 23 to unlock the rank specific ones. The final 3 tattoos that you will need to unlock and purchase are all unlocked after you have completed the game on any difficulty. Each tattoo costs $1,500.

    38 of the masks will already be unlocked from the beginning, but as always, you will need to reach a certain rank to unlock some of them. You will need to reach the maximum rank of 25 to have unlocked them all. Besides these there are 17 that you will unlock for completing the game on any difficulty and 1 final mask that is unlocked for completing the game on Insane difficulty.

    After you have purchased every single purchasable item, you will unlock this achievement. If you happen to have bought the Overkill Edition of the game, you will have access to 'Contracts Mode' where you can earn a lot of money in a short time. The video below details this method;

    Thanks to 'gomillerd' for the video.

  • $684,000 total to purchase all item here. You will need to complete the game on insane mode before you can get this achievement as there are two tactical gear (outfits) which unlock through the completion of insane campaign only.
  • I've completed on insane and only 1 of the last 2 tactical gears have unlocked help please ?
  • I believe two of the mask slots and one of the outfit slots are reserved strictly for pre-order bonuses, and do not apply to unlocking the achievement.
  • I have the pre order dlc but no option to buy it. I thought it might be an unlock needing a certain other achievement like most of the others.
  • Helpful tip: to get cash incredibly easy, replay the Last Resort section in the campaign (chapters 16 & 17) on insane difficulty. Takes about 5-8 Mins depending on skill level to get roughly 20,000 each play through.
  • When having Overkill Edition, try first contractor mission. In one run (4 Mins) 18.000 cash
  • I agree, contractor missions. if you cannot figure it out, go to select mission option on start screen, some levels have contractor missions. I made 14000 in 3 minutes.
  • Contract missions are the only way to go if you need a heap of money fast. Playing the normal game can be a way to make a decent amount of money, depending on how good you are at the game. The Last Resort mission, the very first part, on Insane, nets me only 10,000-15,000. Maybe I'm not as good as most other players but it's what I make anyway. On Contract missions, you do the one at the radar station, you can make a fair amount of money. Particularly if you use a weapon with the grenade launcher attached to it as the game gives you infinite grenades versus the 3 normal grenades it gives you. This with invincibility while in the Overkill mode makes easy money. All up I made nearly 50,000. You stop when you want as the Overkill meter fills up for every enemy you kill with the grenade launch
  • Hi. To the person who posted the video about the contract mission. On two player we have tried not killing the people on the left and it doesn't work. Can you help us out??
  • I have to say this because it's fucking stupid. You cannot buy everything and get this church without completing the game on insane which is bull.
  • Um, why is that bull? Insane is god damn easy in this game.
  • If you can't pay the $7 to get the Overkiller DLC for the Contractor missions as mentioned above, I suggest just replaying the 2 Last Resort missions over and over again.
  • on Insane mode*^
  • AND only play the Holiday Retreat level, actually. If you do it right, you can make about 15,000 pts in a little over 5 mins if you use the Overkills right.
  • Play only chapter 17 in Last Resort on Insane difficulty. i got 20k$/run some tips: - saves the overkills - use double overkill 2 times - 1st double overkill when first breach in - 2nd one when you bearch in the corrindor to elevator - after the summarizing go to quit Do it again.
  • So quick advice for people using that overkill contract to farm money 1st off 15 minutes of doing that method in the video gives like like 108k which is pretty nice 2nd this could just be me however 3 times when I would spend like 20 minutes getting kills then before I went to the truck to end the mission I figure I would kill all the enemies 1 last time HOWEVER IF YOU KILL THEM ALL AND THEY DON'T RESPAWN IT IS POSSIBLE WHEN YOU GO NEAR THE TRUCK TO END THE CONTRACT IT WILL NOT REGISTER AS COMPLETE AND WILL TELL YOU THAT YOU HAVE FAILED IN THAT CASE YOU GET NOTHING
  • Again that issue could just be me but just a word of caution when you're gonna end the contract make sure there's at least a few enemies still alive so you don't end up getting no reward and wasting almost an hour because the game feels like glitching
  • Update: So a heads up when you go through the door to breach into the next area turns out sometimes your partner for w.e reason won't follow you so if he doesn't follow you and the enemies stop respawning then when you go to truck he'll start following again however it takes 29 seconds for him to get there( I counted) so if your overkill ran out and you only got say 27 seconds or so and he's all the way at the door still then you're screwed and it's gonna fail you cause he won't make it in time
  • Ok so I bought all tattoos, masks, gear, and guns. I didn't get the achievement. It is the only one I have left. Do I have to buy all attachments for the guns as well or what? Someone help

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