Just a scratch Achievement

  • Just a scratch



    You didn’t go wounded once in a mission (medium, hard or insane)


    To unlock this achievement, you need to complete a full mission, without ever going into wounded state, while playing on at least Medium difficulty. Of course, this would be easiest done on Medium difficulty and you can reload any of the missions you have completed, that you find easiest and finish them on Medium without being wounded to unlock this achievement. If you do get wounded and need to be revived, then you must restart the entire mission again.

    *Note, a good mission to obtain this is 'Last Resort' as it is only 2 chapters long, so if you do go wounded, there isn't too much to have to repeat.

  • Any tips on this one? Cant seem to do it even taking my time and with a sniper :/
  • I keep completing the mission unwounded and i dont get achievements? Is it the whole game?
  • Does this mean going into "last stand" or getting wounded at all?
  • I'm having trouble with this one as well, I've looked up videos and apparently "wounded mode" is lying on the ground with your pistol waiting for your team mate to pick you up. I've completed CAUSE AND EFFECT multiple times on medium and nothing pops for me. If anyone has any information at all it would be useful, I've been able to find very little on my own.
  • What you have to do is complete an entire mission without "getting downed". For example you would beat all of Cause and Effect. Not just one small mission. This is the one I did to get the achievement. It is short and not many people that can really kill you. Also do it on medium. No need to do it on insane.
  • I guess mine is glitched then, done it several times solo and with a co-op partner and got nothing...maybe i should just borrow someone else's copy of the game. The crappy thing is it's not even that hard to do. :p
  • does the partner going down void the achievement?
  • i just did LAST RESORT in seconds, it only has two short mission. best easiest and quickest way to get achievement. good luck
  • Mr Tech hit it on the head. I played on Medium on the same level, and had no problem getting it.
  • Just run through it using LB for overkill and it's easy achievement
  • Just done LAST RESORT on medium but no cheevo at the end,did it from mission selection but i can't see what difference that should make,will try again later
  • It does appear that if your AI buddy goes down, it does stop you from getting the achievement. You also can't reload checkpoint. The guide is lacking a lot of important info.
  • Does New Blood count?
  • Did this 3 times on Last Resort and still no achievement :/
  • I had to do this several times before it unlocked then it unlocked for me but not the player I was playing with in split-screen.
  • Yes, this one's the one. The only dangerous bit is in the hotel when you find two other mercs (or whatever we are - TWO? These 2 didn't die for once ). Stay where you are after the breach. You also need to use this (2 part) mission for the online co-op mission completion.

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