Combo Master Achievement

  • Combo Master



    Perform a x10 Co-op Combo


    To unlock this achievement, you will need to perform Co-Op combos, until you have a x10 combo. This achievement is quite difficult, but the best places to obtain this are when you get to choose whether you operate a turret, either on the back of a truck while your partner drives, or in the helicopter, where your partner stays on the ground.

    This is easiest unlocked during the mission 'Assault', when you are in the quarry. You should choose to operate the mounted mini-gun on the helicopter and shoot at every enemy you see, possibly using Overkill if you have it ready. The achievement should unlock after killing around 10 enemies here. If you do not unlock it, you can reload the checkpoint to try again.

    Thanks to 'gomillerd' for the video.

  • how do we exactly raise the combo??
  • I got this achievement cos I was on the back of the truck shooting enemies down while the NPC partner inside the truck mows them down before it hit the wooden gates. It's the only way to do it without ending the combo kills.
  • I got it on the truck section too, except I was driving. As long as you make sure to keep the hits up it should pop.
  • Captain dude77 got it similar to how I got it. I just drove the truck and ran enemies down while my teammate shot people from the back of the truck. It was easy.
  • Here is my video on how to do this. Pretty much this is a given if you do it right.
  • I just destroyed all i culd see. Cars people and everything on the level where u can choose mounted gun or drive the car down the hill.
  • thanks will try this when I get to this section think this will probs be the hardest achievement tbh (and it doesnt even seem hard) the rest are just time consuming
  • 16. Suicide Run is the truck mission that the people above couldn't be bothered to name.
  • @19 You da real MVP
  • I just started to play this game. Got this as my no 4 th achievement lol. I was in chapter 2 or 3 and shooting around in overkill :D What the H.... happened there ???
  • Misson 2 or 3 in the start of the game, i meant :)
  • I also found this easier in suicide run where you must drive over some enemies.

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