Cover Hopper Achievement

  • Cover Hopper



    Perform 10 cover to cover transition in a row


    To get in cover, you need to look at an object, then press to stick to the object. While you are in cover, look at another object, or wall then press again to run from your current position to the new position, and get in cover. This is classed as 1 transition. to unlock this achievement, you must do this 10 times in a row. You will need to find to pieces of cover and transition between them, 10 times, back and forth, until the achievement unlocks.

    This can be unlocked during the tutorial.

  • you are likely to get this during your playthrough of the game but if you want it out of the way you can just stand in an arched doorway with enough room on either side and switch to adjacent cover 10 times to get the achievement.
  • did this in the training mission at the very beginning
  • did this in the stone mine, and allow to go back to the same cover
  • Just find two covers close to eachother and just switch back and forth between the adjacent covers, easy achievement.

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