Sticks and Stones Achievement

  • Sticks and Stones



    Allied humans killed 50 enemies

  • This is in reference to whenever you take over a shrine.the Humans that you can call out to, that will cling to your body, will fire arrows towards enemies they come in contact with, or ones that wander towards one of your shrines.
  • I found a good part. You come to a small village of humans and yer god tells you trolls are attacking your followers. There was like, 20 or 30 trolls and i just weakened and let the humans finish them off. Just weaken, then keep dashing away. The humans kill the trolls pretty fast actually. And then of course, eat them when yer done to regain health. Ha, sigh, I love this game.
  • Some part of me wonders if this game was influenced by Black and White for the PC. Just can't throw your poop at anyone.
  • Yeah, humans kill trolls quicker than you think. It even bothers me sometimes when I try pulling a finishing move only for the troll to be killed faster than I can press the A button. I punish by consuming them. >:)
  • How do you call a human to kill your enemy.
  • Yea, how do you call a human to kill your enemy?

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