Caos Chaplain Achievement

  • Caos Chaplain



    You have blessed 20 players

  • Hmmm its bugging on me everytime someone take the blessing they disconnect do i still get it ?
  • Yes, they don't even have to accept the Blessing, you just have to cast it for someone. There is actually a leaderboard for this so you can keep track.
  • Blessings are harder than curses because they cost more. I say get a few at a time or get lucky in finding them in chests.
  • I believe you must do this to 20 different players online
  • blessings are more expensive and rare in chests I'd say roam around go through some dungeons hopefully a blessing will be in one of the chests, also you get 1 free blessing if you ascend and choose to serve the light god. other than that buying is the last option if you only have a couple left

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