Ascended Achievement

  • Ascended



    You made the ultimate sacrifice and Ascended your first Caos

  • Ascending your character effectively retires it,ending your abiliy to play as them. While this can be annoying it does have some benefits, as the medals you obtain from ascending raise some of your innate stats. Ascending also raises your characters level cap by 5 everytime you perform it.
  • Basically, beat the game and then ascend. That's my game plan as of now.
  • Where is the "Transcend" achievement on this list?
  • While waiting to ascend might be a good idea, you will struggle right out the gate if you don't ascend as much as you can.aside from level caps, the enemies continue to scale upwards as you go along.other invading ai players, as well as the ones that take your shrines, will also have all the medals from ascending before you, making them notably stronger than you.
  • I'm level 11 and I have good stats, when I ascend, what do I do afterwards. I mean, I know that my character takes dominions, but does the player do? Do u pick another character and restart? Or do u just pick up where u left off with someone else? Any comments much appreciated
  • k guys I just ascended but a tip really is to sell all the stuff you won't want for the crusade as your inventory gets cleared but if u sell them u get souls which u keep
  • Dont know where transcend is but does it mean master all gods by ascending 15 each or is it once per god?
  • My tip for this game is never never reapair armor .walk around naked .upgraid yor spells.dying dos not matter.when you acend equip him/her with the best gear yo find ,sell rest

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