Master and Commander Achievement

  • Master and Commander



    One of your Ascended Champions defeated another player

  • Despite how this might sound, the characters you ascend do not partake in fights when you aren't around. Instead, this achievement will pop during an Ascension if your current character fended off another player during an invasion.
  • Correction! [Lol?]. your character becomes an AI bot other players will fight when you just have to get lucky enough to have someone lower than your old character fight and lose against them.
  • Seems really difficult actually. I played a few of those ai and they were lower levels and I beat them with a lot of health left over.
  • lol I had this achievement pop up when I went back to the game and it was loading last checkpoint. Seemed odd, but I guess I understand now if it was my AI.
  • Bring up your map in the menu and pull RT to bring up the "Global Crusade." You'll then be able to choose through the map areas and when you put the cursor over a shrine, the "invade" option pops and you can then choose one of your ascended caos' to go invade said shrine as long as your faction doesn't have dominion over it.
  • One of mine has 3 kills and only 2 deaths. Thank god some people are shitty.
  • Here is my advice. The level of your chaos that you ascend will be the level that the AI uses to fight players. Reach the level caps before you ascend for a better chance to beat other players. Also level up your gear and magic as well before ascending. I just got it after ascending my level 35 Chaos with decent gear w/ 2 armor enchantment + a weapon w/ 3 critical hit enchantments. Good luck to you guys
  • Try to only spend your souls upgrading your equipment and magic. Make sure you are using higher than your level gear before you invest too much or else you will find a better piece of armor and would have wasted those previous souls upgrading. Also try to keep a stack of souls available incase a really good piece of gear becomes available in the store. If you spend most of your souls repair gear do not forget that you can repair for free in the Sanctum, when you are offline. Just warp to the sanctum every time all of your gear breaks or you are about to stop playing, turn around and the Forge is right behind you. Also as a side note, the "Endless dungeon" is just past the Forge if you want to level up.
  • still haven't gotten it and I've ascended 4 times already maybe #7 is right I'll try to get my caos pretty close to the level cap with good armor and a decent weapon that does damage
  • This is a terrible achievement.. it really doesn't matter what level your Ascended AI character is.. because if a player is smart, they'll just level until they're higher or even with the AI that has invaded them. If anyone gets invaded by "Xenolith" let him win 1 =P
  • sigh... and it's only worth 5
  • I'm having serious trouble even getting my ascended champions into fights. I have three ascended champions (combined they have captured about 200 shrines and 200 altars) but all of them have 0 kills and 0 deaths. They cant seriously have captured 400 areas without a single opponent right?? Anyone else having this issue?
  • I'm having the same problem, PainKi11er.
  • i need this one guys. if any of you are ever invaded by chris98956 let him win. ill name all my ascended players chris98956.
  • Having major trouble with this achievement. I keep sending my guys out every few hours but nothing...does that reset it or something? Any advise please we're competing against that awful date in November here...
  • Manually sending your champions out puts them at the back of the queue so that's probably the worst thing to do :(
  • If anybody still plays this, I am grinding at the Ring of Bones and I regularly take that shrine, if anybody comes across me, please let me win before taking it; I still need this cheevo. I will return the favor as well if I can, just shoot me a message as to where you took a shrine. GT: DedicatedBug69
  • Alright guys, I just got the achievement this morning after a few weeks of a new strategy. I don't know much about the cues for invasions and such, but here is my strategy, and it finally worked. You will need a camera, camcorder, or screen capture software of some kind. I use the camera on my smartphone, which is a newer Galaxy phone. Whenever one of your Champions takes over a shrine or altar while you are online, there is a notification in the upper left hand corner of your screen. As soon as you see this notification pop up, pause your game. Grab your phone or other recording device and begin recording the upper left hand corner of your screen, then unpause the game. This should allow you to film the notification so that it is saved on your phone. After that, you can view the not
  • FINAL UPDATE FOR THIS ACHIEVEMENT: As of 8/21 Microsoft decided to pull the game Ascend: Hand of Kul suddenly from the Xbox Live Microsoft Marketplace. Signal Studios, the developers, didn't know about this move to pull the game until the public did. Therefore only people who've downloaded the game prior at some point can play it now. I'm not sure what happens if you do not have the update because one person told me they couldn't play because they didn't have it. Shortly after I met another play, who I don't played since last October 1st, 2013. A year and one day ago today. In order to complete this achievement all of this information is necessary. If I am wrong or if you are able to disprove anything I say please post it under and we'll figure it out or message my GT: Crimso
  • In order to complete this achievement all of this information is necessary. If I am wrong or if you are able to disprove anything I say please post it under and we'll figure it out or message my GT: CrimsonBohemian In order you even attempt Master and Commander you'll need at least one Ascended champion. You have have a maximum of twelve guys before you transcend. After you ascend you will receive an emblem depending on which faction you side with. These are important because these will help spec your character however you want. So ascend often to not only have more guys being sent out but to have a stronger champion.
  • So the first thing you need to know is that you need to have control over your entire map. Owning more land allows you more opportunities to invade other players, which is required for the achievement. It is possible to get this achievement randomly, but at this point in the game it's much more difficult to find players willing to fight you because so few people play and new players cannot download it. So therefore we're going to create the opportunity to create the scenario: you're going to watch your top left corner of the screen like a hawk. You can even hear a little ding whenever it pops up if your head is turned from the screen. You'll get random moments where your guys will invade on their own; do not manually send them out to various locations because it sends your champion
  • to the back of the queue but at that specific location ONLY, as opposed to being sent out wherever needed. Once you see that message it will tell you which one of your champions is invading, who its invading, and where. Hit the back button instantly. Whenever you see this grab a camera or your phone and take a MOVIE of what's this says. Focus the camera to the screen and start recording before you press the back again. Try to make the camera point to the ground if you can manage it, because sometimes I've lost footage to the glare of the game's sky. If it goes right you can pause the video and send a message to whomever your champion has invaded. Explain it all in one message and send a friend's request. It also helps to check if they've played the game recently or if they've eve
  • they've even signed into LIVE in the past few weeks. You will invade a lot of guys who haven't played this game since launch, but still send them a message anyway. If someone responds tell them exactly where you are on the map. This guide is what I used to find the specific area of my altar or shrine: Get them to die once and log out and back in. You should get the achievement as the game is loading in the leader board champions.
  • So what to do in the mean time? You'll want to level as fast as you can. If you see someone who's Void ask them for XP boosts, and if you're Void yourself give them out to other players. As for where to train go to Ring of Bones. Once you warp in head to the left and smash through a tiny gate. Touch the village fire and back out to where enemies should be spawning. At this point you're going to need the spell Black Hole and max it out for it's Range, Duration, and Cooldown; you will have to buy one damage for the final cool down but it will be worth it. Cast Black Hole in the middle of the monsters and let the good times roll. Once you start getting the flow you'll learn you can kill the shield guys before they can start to walk again. After that ask other players for some curses
  • to help you rank up your combos, which give you massive multiples for souls earned. Ask for Troll Broodlings and stick them off in between the side of the gate and the spawn point for the monsters. I also found that adding a Shadow Wolves curse helped build the combo too. By repeating this procedure you'll not only gain massive amounts of souls for earning +140 combos (even 200's if you equip a weaker weapon that will require more hits to kill), but you'll level around every 9-12 minutes. And when we level we Ascend! And when we Ascend we get an automatic invasion as soon as we come back with our new Caos. Get your cameras ready!
  • All these souls are great but, most of your weapons will go from 100% to broken in about 11-15 runs. As you level you may notice how often and how much you're spending on repairing weapons your weapons, especially around your mid 30's. If you buy a Gear Protection for 30 mins it will actually be much cheaper for you in the long run. Since we're also talking about boots also buy the Magic Cool Down, because then you will have a fresh Black Hole waiting for you whenever you come back into the zone. Also don't walk out of the zone- just jump to the warp point because you'll only sit through one loading screen as opposed to two.
  • So let's review. In order to level so you can send out more champions efficiently you'll need: A weapon The Black Hole spell The upgrades to made the Black Hole bigger, longer, and recharge. XP Boost, Magic Cool Down Boost, Gear Protection Boost Curses for more monsters (can have a max of 3 from each player) Since souls scale to your level, what you made depends on your level. But by always insuring constant 100+ combos you will make an exorbitant amount of souls for your level and will be able to by any gear from the store for your characters. Do that before ascending, that way you can get top gear for your character before you send your champion into the crusade. By having the most polished character you're giving yourself better chances of someone randomly deciding to figh
  • to fight your champion and you kicking their ass for the achievement. Don't forget to decide what spells you equip to you guy is what's going to be available to him forever. I highly DO NOT recommend going into dungeons to go find other gear and weapons, because it puts your time and energy into not leveling and gaining more souls so you can simply buy the gear and know exactly what you're getting. I say even stay away from Endless Dungeon because I found it to be a waste of time; I only got to level 8 though and nothing even worth keeping. If you're really hungry for good random loot I do recommend finishing the story first. Once the story is done there will be an Onyx Chest at the end of the game that respawns every 24 hours.
  • Finally and possibly the most important aspect of this guide is to give back to the community. There are a lot of players out there hunting for this achievement, so unless you can see how someone either earned the achievement or has a kill on their champion already just let them get a kill on you. It takes 3 seconds, your armor doesn't receive any damage, and sending a quick message as a heads up so they know wouldn't be the worst idea in the world either. I'm sure you'd greatly appreciate getting a message saying that this was taken care for you by someone else. Also make sure to check other's Gamer Cards to see if they have the achievement whenever you switch your faction.
  • By switching your faction your shrines and altars do not come with you but rather stay with your old faction, which means your previous faction instantaneously invades your entire map (given you're following the rule to keep your entire map while under your control at all times). And since you can't invade while you don't own any territory, you'd have to start winning your altars and shrines back. I believe this covers everything I know personally for this guide. I'd like to give a special thanks to NickMoore911 and Falgar for helping compile this information so we can create a guide specifically for the game before it is finally shut down on November 18th, 2014.
  • I too am one of you that is desperately searching for this achievement. If someone sees some Champion called Gundamiuman(with a number near his name) that's mine.I am letting win a fight anytime I get invaded,so other player can pop this horrible achievement,so can you let win my champion one time,please? I have no I-phone so i cant'do that strategy...
  • I'm also looking for this achievement. If anyone sees a Sgt Smoke X champion, please let him get a win. I'll do the same for you!
  • Can someone let my character get a win? I'm ULND1. My champion will be named either Lemiwinks or Lemmi or something close to that. I have ascended five times and still do not have this one.
  • Gt: Oceans 4 Ransom Willing to help. Thanks

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