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  • Whenever somebody finds this so-called endless dungeon, do be good enough to let me know where it is. Many thanks!
  • It isn't in the game yet. This achievement has actually been replaced with one called Transcend, which requires you to reach lvl 60 and Transcend. I'm sure they'll replace this on here as soon as someone has unlocked it for the first time and can provide the picture.
  • Gotcha.
  • i though maximum lvl was 50 ?
  • No, it's 60. In fact the one achievement, Champion of the Gods, had it's wording reworked so now it's only for Ascending 3 times since it was impossible to hit 50 without Ascending 6 times at least. I'm guessing the rules were a little different during Phase 1 beta and that's why there's some confusion.
  • I know that this achievement has been removed but I think the endless dungeon is the area in the gray fane
  • Well there are doors in the library area of the Sanctum with chains over them that each say something that isn't in the game yet and one of them says Endless Dungeon, along with coop stuff, the Badlands, and PVP. Not sure if that's where it's planned to be or not. I know right now at the main menu it always says something about the Gray Fane, but the reason it doesn't change is because it's referencing what are called Bear Chests which are still coming up as empty so they haven't done anything with it.
  • so to get this achievement without going through the dungeon you have to ascend 8 times?
  • No, this achievement has been taken out until the Endless Dungeon is added at a later date. Instead there is an achievement called Transcend, which requires you to reach lvl 60 and choose to Transcend. For the level cap to go to 60 you would have to ascend 8 times to get the level cap to go from 20 to 60, after that you can choose to not ascend.
  • ok so yes you need to ascend 8 times to get the level cap like I asked but with this achievement you get it when you reach level 50 which would be 6 ascending's.
  • What level 50? This achievement was for reaching floor 50, not level 50. But since the dungeon isn't in the game yet, they changed it to an achievement called Transcend which requires level 60. There was also an achievement that asked you to either get to level 50 or 3 ascensions, but they also changed that one so now it's just 3 ascensions since it's impossible to hit 50 without doing double that many. Probably something that was changed in closed beta. This site still has the old info and needs to be updated, but if you look as long as you weren't in the beta you can just look at your own achievements and see the changes.
  • The two secret achievements 20 gamerscore/Highlands Scholar:All Highlands Lore has been read. Find all the Lore Stone 30 gamerscore /Death of Kul:Highlands Titan defeated. Beat the last boss Kul the Titan
  • can we get a list of lore locations?
  • For lore locations until the guide has the list:
  • thank you
  • well I just beat the game and all that's left is transend so does anyone know a good place to grind for exp I need to ascend 2 more times then reach level 60. I mean really did they need to have it be so high up I think I need to level up almost another 50 or so levels.
  • Most people use this method, although with the new hp and xp values from the recent update not sure how great it still is. If you have a good weapon you can also move to the center of the enemies and use Black Hole to suck them in and try to get a nice high combo for some soul farming, but you'll also have to fix your weapon from time to time.
  • Got my eighth ascension, got dropped back from lvl 42 to lvl 34. Last achievement to get and now its just a pretty hollow grind through 26 levels (again) I quite enjoyed Ascend when I started playing, achievements came pretty naturally and fairly quickly but this last one is a pain in the ass. No proper PVP system, No new content to wander through. Its as if the game's current design is just to grind to level 60 for no reason other than to get to 60. Having fallen back 8 levels none of the weapons i'll find for the next few days will even be worth looking at. To round off I get the distinct feeling that when I have got this Transcend cheevo. I'll have story progress reset and loose all my gear only for them to put in the endless dungeon and add 10 new achievements or something equally d
  • I'm beating the Endless Dungeon will be difficult no matter what level you are since it'll be like the 10 level event dungeons right now, enemies just going up in level the deeper you go. Also this game is still in beta, so they get a pass. As for Transcending, I'm almost to 60, at 59 and a half, and it already offers me the ability to Transcend. Maybe you don't have to wait until 60, just maybe anytime after 56 or something?
  • #18 PVP is planned but like the Endless Dungeon isn't active yet. Hopefully won't be long.
  • i've Ascended 5 times so far and im almost level 33 which is my next ascension so i'll have 6 in total so getting to 60 might be more then 8 times considering you can only ascend every 5 levels...just saying and I have 27 of the 30 achievements.Good Luck im still playing.
  • @21. 8 ascensions IS lvl 60 cap, confirmed.
  • What I want to know is how do I update this then? My achievement list still shows Dungeon Master, not Transcend. So do I need to update anything in order to get it?
  • @23 it should update on its own and this is my last achievement for this game.
  • My achievment list still has this achievement, as i participated in the closed beta, even though i have updated everything. What the fuck is going on.
  • Anyone looking at this achievement, I'm typing on Dec 12, 2013. The endless dungeon is now available in the Sanctum behind the forge. I tried it before my first Ascension, level 16, and there was a Troll Brute first floor. NO SOULS COLLECTED for killing enemies, only for completing the floor. If you're looking to score easy souls, this is not the way to do it. Only reason to do this dungeon is personal accomplishment and the achievement.
  • so if level 1 starts with enemies at your level, and each level they go up one, does that mean we could potentially be trying to fight our way to and through level 110 enemies?
  • glad they changed this, my furthest attempt at the endless dungeon ended at floor 11 =/ the game tends to freeze a lot too; imagine being on floor 49 and that happens... hours wasted ^^
  • @Jack Famine if that was to happen i would quit playing
  • well.. now that I discovered the "chain lighting" & "Blackhole Combo" tricks and added in "week long XP boost" & "30min xp boost (every 30min / stackable w/the week long)" this is a cake walk, I ascended 4 times last night and will do the final 2 for this achievement tonight.
  • This achievement is now 'Transcend'. If you've defeated Kul and just want to get this as fast as possible, just use the Black Hole glitch in Ring of Bones.
  • What is the black hole glitch?
  • From what I've read it seems the best place to farm xp is in the ring of bones. But I've walked around that whole area and have never seen enemies spawn in it. I've defeated Kul already if that makes a difference, did they patch out enemies in the ring of bones or something?
  • Disregard my previous comment. I found out what I was doing wrong.
  • To attain this achievement, you have to level up and 'ascend' your character numerous times. When you ascend your character to the Crusade your level cap will increase by 5. The starting level cap is 20; so you have to ascend at least 8 times. Each time you reach the level cap and ascend, your level will drop a certain percentage.. when you hit the level cap of 60, you drop back to level 45. Once you ascend enough characters and the level cap increases to 60, you must level to 60 and then 'transcend' which is the equivalent of a prestige in CoD. Once you 'transcend' you will return to level 1 and all story progress will reset, as well as losing all your gear and spells (even things that have been legacy tagged). You will retain what emblems you have earned, and will gain more if you contin
  • **rest of it didn't fit** Once you 'transcend' you will return to level 1 and all story progress will reset, as well as losing all your gear and spells (even things that have been legacy tagged). You will retain what emblems you have earned, and will gain more if you continue to ascend characters. You will also retain any souls you have stockpiled.. at the time of my transcension I had 600k souls; which is very helpful for a starting character.
  • How much time does it take to 100% this game?
  • I've been working on it since around March. I still gotta kill the 3rd Old god.
  • Getting close to it. Shame that Microsoft decided to nix the game for the 360, the game has been getting some halfway decent changes on Steam, and the Badlands/Swamplands/Co-op/PVP etc. can't be too far off. Fun little game, but shame more stuff will never see the light of day on 360.
  • I deleted the sodding game from my hard drive, now you can't download it anymore and I'm stuck with 2 achievements left....

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