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There are 32 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Score 50 runs in an innings from boundaries with a single batsman.

  • Score more than 40 runs in a 10th wicket partnership.

  • Successfully reverse an umpire's decision.

  • Get a wicket on the first ball of a match.

  • Get a wicket in the first over after taking the new ball.

  • Bowl two consecutive maiden overs in a limited overs match.

  • Dismiss a batsman for a duck in both innings of a Test match.

  • Take three catches in an innings.

  • Dismiss a batsman with a stumping.

  • Score 50 runs and take three wickets with a single player in a match.

  • Get a wicket on the third ball of a Nathan Lyon over.

  • Score a century with Alastair Cook in an Ashes test match (Ashes Mode).

  • Top score in an innings with the team captain in an Ashes series match (Ashes Mode).

  • Complete a match in Ashes mode.

  • Create a player in the Cricket Academy.

  • Successfully complete every tutorial.

  • Deliver or face 50 deliveries in Training Mode.

  • Get selected for the Test team in Rookie Career mode.

  • Win the Ashes as England (Ashes Mode).

  • Win the Ashes as Australia (Ashes Mode).

  • Win an Ashes test match by an innings (Ashes Mode).

  • Win an Ashes Test after being behind after the first innings (Ashes Mode).

  • Win both the Men's and Women's Ashes series (Ashes Mode).

  • Complete five matches online.

  • Win a World Championship (50 or 20 Over) in Competition mode.

  • Bowl a maiden in a Super Over.

  • Complete a clean sweep of an Ashes series (Ashes Mode).

  • Dismiss the opposition for less than 60 runs in an innings during an Ashes match (Ashes Mode).

  • Score 750 runs with a single player in an Ashes series (Ashes Mode).

  • Take 25 wickets with a single player in an Ashes series (Ashes Mode).

  • Score 2500 runs in any game mode.

  • Take 200 wickets in any game mode.

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Ashes Cricket Achievements FAQ

  • How many Ashes Cricket achievements are there?
    There are 32 achievements to unlock in Ashes Cricket worth a total of 1000 gamerscore.

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