Complete all seasons

  • LOL no one will get 100% on this game. To complete all seasons you need to buy car packs with real money which will cost you hundreds of dollars... can you say money grab? 180/200 is the goal I guess
  • Yes I agree, this is nuts!!!!
  • Im getting there slowly but surely. Im wondering though.. is season 9, "Max Season 9: Beyond" required for this achievement? I hope not. Crazy achievement for 20g :_(
  • Edit: I completely missed the first persons comment. I can confirm that in some seasons at the very bottom, where the extra events are, are in fact needed for the achievement. Some of which require cars bought with tokens. And to think I was 6 cars off the achievement. (If the races at the bottom weren't required!)
  • Well that's true. Just a question, is reaching 100% achievement completion is worth for this game?
  • Based on the amount of money you need to spend: no
  • In response to iGotMunchyz‚Äôs comment, you only need to complete the first 8 seasons of the game to get the achievement. No need to worry about season 9.

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