Maestro of Evasion Achievement

  • Maestro of Evasion



    Completes all gateway missions in Turf 5

    Recommended Vehicle: Lamborghini Veneno (750,000 bills)

    See "Disappearing Act" for a complete description. A vehicle power level of 1,640 is needed to complete all 12 getaway missions.

    As you could see in turf four, you are going to want to go directly for the Lamborghini Veneno right at the gate as it is one of only a few cars that can reach the 1,660 power level needed to battle Frank Milius.

  • You get to the point, where you just farming money for upgrades. If you have 40 gold, I'd suggest you to get Lamborghini Countach from previous boss, as well. Don't waste your money on that car, just complete most wanted mission. Second mission is for Veneno. Both missions are pretty easy and gives you like 60k for first clear and about 20k for every other attempt. You don't need gold anymore anyway, so 120k for 40 gold isn't bad. For example, in-app shop offers you 12.5k for 30 gold

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