- Estimated achievement difficulty:4/10
- Offline: 0
- Online: 20 [200] - Only because you need to be connected to the internet at all times.
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 5-10 hours [significantly less if you spend real world money on bills and gold]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: One with quite a bit of grinding for money and gold.
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements: N/A
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: Windows 8 Phone

Welcome to racing, crashing, evading and winning those bills--TDD style. This G&RM is for Asphalt Overdrive a racing style game with a bit of edge, a bit of bite, and a whole lotta drama. Essentially what we are looking at here is a Burnout / Need for Speed type of racing game in which you must 'take back the turf' through a quirky little story, and five turfs (essentially new areas). The core of the game is racking up big combos, knocking out lots of cars, making the stunt jumps worth it, and essentially driving as fast as possible.

Being that this is a freemium game, the temptation is always present to simply buy the gold / bills needed to quickly progress and get to the fifth turf (where all the money and score is to be had). While this option is certainly viable--the grind that is Asphalt Overdrive isn't all too bad to warrant massive spending of real world money. I hope to demonstrate a few strategies to help you rack up the money, gold, and sanity needed to get through this game.

Tips & Tricks for the Best Getaway Driver:
First and foremost, as per usual, I like to give a little section to the small things that help out when playing a game. Below you will find some of the best tips, tricks, and techniques that can be utilized for a successfully pain-free completion.

  • Upgrade Glitch - First up is the Upgrade Glitch. Our own XBA member L KIRA HAYABUSA was kind enough to post about this useful exploit in the thread found by clicking the link. Essentially you purchase an upgrade that has a timer attached to it (1, 5, 15, 40, ect. minutes) and then go into your charm bar on the left hand side of the screen, view another program (or desktop), and then switch back to the game. You may need to do the trick a few times for the glitch to work, but ~ one minute working the glitch beats 10 plus minutes waiting for an upgrade you need to move on.
  • Obtaining Easy GOLD - The fastest and most efficient way to get more gold is to three-star missions. After every mission you three-star for the first time you are awarded one gold. This is crucial to do early on, and even in later missions because the gold can mean working with a good car right off the bat or not.
  • iBuzz7S also has a thread dedicated solely to the things people should know about the game, and would take up a great deal of space in this RoadMap, so I will simply link it and toss only a few of the most critical tips in here. You can find his tips thread HERE.
  • Chaining takedowns and stunt jumps is absolutely pivotal to moving past the first few turfs. This means you will need to become proficient in the following small techniques.
    • Takedowns should only be done from the side. If you hit from the back you lose combo, speed, and time.
    • Catching Draft - The most useful tool in the entire game is catching vehicles draft. Draft is the air flow difference that a car makes when it is driving, and in this game it is a zone behind vehicles (this zone enlarges at higher speeds) that will actually save your combo meter for you. Without catching draft you will never be able to reach three stars in missions even in the later half of the second turf. Learn how to do this quickly, and watch the masterful execution as you catch draft, create a near miss, take down a vehicle, and hop back in draft turning a single combo takedown into a four combo show.
    • Nitro Use - While this may seem self-explanatory, you should be using nitro to aid you most efficiently in chaining combos. What I like to do is play a mission once to see where the large gap is that will kill my combo, and then play it a second time saving nitro for that specific area so I can maintain and continue a large combo. Mastering nitro and increasing your vehicle's nitro stat will be beneficial.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
And now for the walkthrough. Essentially we are going to tackle this in a five part system. I will simply give some background, a little help, and a strategy for each turf that should hopefully enable you to successfully transition from one to the other without a fair amount of waste, time loss, or frustration.

First Turf -- Drivers Ready Yourself!
Recommended Vehicle: GMC K-2500
-The reason why you should go with the GMC K-2500 is because of it's larger range for vehicle power. This will enable you to hit more missions earlier on, and will actually give you access to a restricted mission as well which opens the chance for more stars. Starting with this vehicle and all to follow, you should only upgrade your vehicles to the point at which they can go complete all getaway missions and defeat the boss--no more. In doing so you will grab "Disappearing Act" which is awarded for beating all of the getaway missions in the first turf. Once you have the required vehicle level go ahead and smack around Ricky to grab "Ready for prime time." You should also grab "Speed Freak" (143mph) as well as "Speed Junkie" (162mph) in this first turf when you upgrade the truck and get a nice big nitro boost.

Second Turf -- The Race Has Begun!
Recommended Vehicle: Pontiac Firebird Trans AM
-The Trans AM is the must have pick because of it's level and the range it can level up to. You will need a vehicle level of 530 to beat all getaway missions which will unlock "Smooth Operator" and 540 to beat Debbie which unlocks "Under cover"-- ultimately making this car the most efficient for money and time spent.

To give you a good idea of what you may need to upgrade to just get over 540 here is what I have at vehicle level 543:

  • Engine Level 3
  • Acceleration Level 3
  • Nitro Level 1

You will most likely also unlock "Serial Speeder" for going at speeds over 186mph (will need to use nitro).

Third Turf -- Time To Hone Those Skills!
Recommended Vehicles: Ford Shelby GT500 *Will require 25 gold or Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione (325,000 bills)
-The recommended vehicle was a bit different here. I originally bought the GMC Vandura, but as you will find out, that vehicle cannot do the 870 required to take down Johnny. I instead spent my first gold on taking down Debbie a second time for her Ford Shelby GT500 which can go over 870. Even with the GT, you will end up spending quite a bit on upgrades in order to level it high enough. The bottom line here is you have two solid options--one for gold one for bills. 325,000 bills is quite a bit this early on, but if you have a stockpile or you do not want to spend the gold the Alfa is your option.

After you get the vehicle level to 860, grabbing all getaway missions will net you "Escape Artist." Following that you will be able to take down Johnny with a vehicle level of 870 to grab "Money can not buy everything."

Fourth Turf -- Find That Will to Keep Pushing!
Recommended Vehicle: Pagani Zondra R
-The Pagani costs a lot out of the gate so this may be the first turf where you need to grind a little bit in the previous area to afford it. Once you can afford the Pagani, turf four becomes much easier as it will be the only car you need to purchase as well as buy upgrades for as the vehicle level required to move out of the fourth turf is 1,240.

Grabbing all of the getaway missions will snag "Untouchable" and beating Kelly will earn you "Keeping it cool."

Fifth Turf -- The Finish Line is Within Reach!
Recommended Vehicle: Lamborghini Veneno (600,000 bills)
-The only car you should worry about up front is the Veneno. Snagging all of the getaway missions will required 1,640 to unlock "Maestro of Evasion," and beat Frank to earn "King of the Streets" which will need to get a vehicle up to 1,660; the Veneno represents your best shot. Understand now--you will spend a fortune upgrading the Veneno to the level required so the grind in this last turf will be the biggest yet (baring purchasing bills or gold).

"Car collector" is awarded for buying a car from each of the five turfs. You will snag this through the natural progression of the game as you need to use a car from the new turf each time you move forward.

At this point if you have left some of the miscellaneous achievements left for grabs such as buying a license plate ("Vanity plates"), re-doing the color on a car ("Presto change0"), or fully upgrading a car ("All the good stuff"), this would be the point to do it. Especially this late in the RoadMap, these should be quite easy to grab.

Well there you have it ladies, gentlemen, and Barads (because who else lives with nothing but racing games?!) Asphalt Overdrive is a fun, quirky game with a laughable plot, and some good content racing. The entire 200 should not take much more than 10 hours, much of which will be spent grinding bills to level up your vehicles, but even then the grind is certainly not the worst to come to Xbox Live. I hope the G&RM was able to help you, and hope to see you next time.

[XBA would like to thank THE DEADLY DOG for this Roamap]

Asphalt Overdrive Achievement Guide

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There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Completes all gateway missions in Turf 1

    Recommended Vehicle: GMC K-2500

    Gateway missions are mistakenly labeled as they should be called getaway missions as they are in the game. These are essentially glorified police chases in which you not only want to evade the police, but simultaneously rack up as many points as possible. There are 12 missions per turf, all requiring a power level lower than that of the boss in the turf. 275 is the required power for the first turf.

  • Completes all gateway missions in Turf 2

    Recommended Vehicle: Pontiac Firebird Trans AM

    See "Disappearing Act" for a complete description. 530 is the vehicle power required for the second turf.

  • Completes all gateway missions in Turf 3

    Recommended Vehicles: Ford Shelby GT500 *Will require 25 gold or Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione (325,000 bills)

    See "Disappearing Act" for a complete description. 860 is the vehicle power required for the third turf.

  • Completes all gateway missions in Turf 4

    Recommended Vehicle: Pagani Zondra R

    See "Disappearing Act" for a complete description. A vehicle power level of 1,220 is needed to complete all 12 getaway missions.

    So this is where money starts to become a longer process. You are going to want to save $600,000 for the Pagani Zondra R as it is the single best car to use in the fourth turf. The starting power is high, the upgrade level is high, and it will allow you to focus on saving the big time bucks needed for the turf five Lamborghini Veneno sitting at a cool $750,000.

  • Completes all gateway missions in Turf 5

    Recommended Vehicle: Lamborghini Veneno (750,000 bills)

    See "Disappearing Act" for a complete description. A vehicle power level of 1,640 is needed to complete all 12 getaway missions.

    As you could see in turf four, you are going to want to go directly for the Lamborghini Veneno right at the gate as it is one of only a few cars that can reach the 1,660 power level needed to battle Frank Milius.

  • Beaten Ricky Chang

    Recommended Vehicle: GMC K-2500

    There are five 'boss battles' in this game. Each turf has a boss that you can battle once you have unlocked the necessary number of stars which is 33. Ricky is the first boss, and like all of the bosses after him you simply must beat him to the point X number of yards later.

  • Beaten OFC. Debbie

    Recommended Vehicle: Pontiac Firebird Trans AM

    Requires a vehicle power level of 540 to battle Debbie.

  • Beaten Johnny Bateman

    Recommended Vehicles: Ford Shelby GT500 *Will require 25 gold or Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione (325,000 bills)

    Requires a vehicle power level of 870 to battle as well as the 33 stars. The second time you battle Johnny Bateman it will cost you 30 gold in order to attempt. Aside from bragging rights and a new car, it's advised that you do not waste the 30 gold on this battle as the car is not as good as the Pagani Zondra R, the car needed for the fourth turf.

  • Beaten Kelly Rodriguez

    Recommended Vehicle: Pagani Zondra R

    She requires a vehicle power of 1,240 as well as the 33 stars.

  • Beaten Frank Milius

    Recommended Vehicle: Lamborghini Veneno (750,000 bills)

    Frank is the final boss located in Turf Five. You will need a vehicle power level of 1,660 to take on Frank meaning your options for vehicles become a bit limited, but also help you understand where you should save up, and ultimately spend your money early on in the fifth turf.

  • Drove at 230 KM/H

    230 KM/H = 143 MP/H

    See "Faster Than Lightning" for a more elaborate description for getting vehicle speeds.

  • Drove at 260 KM/H

    260 KM/H = 162 MP/H

    See "Faster Than Lightning" for a more elaborate description for getting vehicle speeds.

  • Drove at 300 KM/H

    300 KM/H = 186 MP/H

    See "Faster Than Lightning" for a more elaborate description for getting vehicle speeds.

  • Drove at 350 KM/H

    350 KM/H = 217 MP/H

    See "Faster Than Lightning" for a more elaborate description for getting vehicle speeds. You will likely unlock this speed in the third area using any vehicle's boost with at least half of the bar loaded up.

  • Drove at 400 KM/H

    400 KM/H = 249 MP/H.

    You will likely unlock this speed achievement in the fourth area with any vehicle's boost as most of the stock vehicles operate around the 200MPH level and with an upgrade and some nitro will bounce well over 249.

    For getting these speeds achievements ahead of your lower level cars consider doing the daily drive which will give you an opportunity to use a high level car for a single race. Ultimately you will end up unlocking most of these speeds without even trying, but if you for some reason you don't use nitro, a single use in the fourth turf with any vehicle will unlock them all.

  • Made a run without hitting anything

    You will probably grab this achievement early on, but will definitely notice your proficiency as you progress in the game and your skill increases. If you still did not grab this by the end of the game, just go back to an earlier mission in the first turf and snag it.

  • Fully upgraded a car

    There are three areas to upgrade, and five levels to each car.

    • Speed
    • Acceleration
    • Nitro

    You can easily go back to the first turf and just increase any one of the cheap cars to grab this without much money spent.

  • Bought cars from 5 different turfs

    This requires you purchase a car from each of the five different 'turfs' (areas) in the game. You unlock each additional area after you have beaten the boss of that specific zone.

  • Change the color of one car

    Changing the color of a car requires you purchase the specific color, and spend the five gold to do so.

  • Buy a new license plate

    A custom license plate costs five gold. After you buy it once you will have it for all cars, and can change it buy paying another five gold.

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