Heroes are Born Achievement in Assassin's Creed III

  • Heroes are Born



    Complete Sequence 4.

  • How to unlock Heroes are Born

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Mission 1: Hide and Seek

    • Find all the children without making a mistake
    • Find all the children within the given time (4:00 Minutes)

    Mission 2: Feathers and Trees

    • Do not touch the ground or water
    • Collect three feathers

    Mission 3: Hunting Lessons

    • Combine bait and snare to catch an animal (3)
    • Hunt more than one type of animal
    • Air assassinate animals (2)

    Mission 4: Something to Remember

    • Avoid mid-air collisions

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  • Man, the beginning is incredibly dragged out.
  • Glad when Conner finally bulked up and looked like an Assassin!
  • didnt get the achievement
  • I absolutely f&%ÔéČing hate that flying s%#t...

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